Multiple Abductions Of Mr. Wladyslaw

Multiple Abductions Of Mr. Wladyslaw
Multiple Abductions Of Mr. Wladyslaw

Date: 2000-2001

Location: Legnica, Poland

Mr. Wladyslaw closes his business at 6:00 p.m. and sets off for home, which is a few miles away in a nearby village. His car is parked nearby but before he can reach it he is standing in a field along side his house. He is dazed, disorientated, confused. Over his head is a huge craft, so large in fact that he cannot make out its outline. He describes it as being larger than the entire village, oval and long with pulsating blue lights surrounding its sides.

A shaft of blue light originating from the craft above, engulfs him. Time seems to stop as if frozen and then jerks ahead continuing, He is alone, standing in a small oval room bathed in pale blue light. Two beings approach, standing on each side of him. He remembers that they were as tall as he, wearing blue metallic jackets, over which they wore what essentially looked like environmental suits that covered them from head to foot, complete with hood and rectangular visor. The suits were loose fitting and they had broad gloves over their hands.

These beings escorted him down a corridor and he noticed that they did not move their legs like humans. They seemed to glide as if their feet were on wheels. He had no conscious memory of walking. His locomotion as well as his thoughts were being controlled. The corridor was very long, reminding him of a tunnel also filled with blue light. He arrives at another room. This one is very spacious, almost hall like and oval. The outer walls are equipped with many instruments and machines. The technicians in this room are dressed in one piece tunics and are very organized.

Wladyslaw finds himself sitting in a soft, comfortable armchair facing the center of the room. It reminds him of a dentists chair. His captors are busy performing seemingly important tasks. Some approach and examine him. Their touch, or that of their instruments, makes him believe he is being stabbed. The chair is equipped with a sliding tray that moves toward and away from him as if programmed. He places his hands on it and a voice communicates the message:

Don't be afraid. You'll be alright.

He can't see whose speaking but doesn't believe the voice is emulating from the room.

He is ordered to turn his hands with the palms up and then down. When the exam is completed the tray automatically retracts. The voice he is hearing is very much in control and Wladyslaw believes it is the voice of the alien leader.

Information concerning ecology, global politics & mankinds mission on earth are communicated but not by specific words, but rather through the use of holographic projection. This memory fades and he is once again standing alone in the hall. An indeterminate period of time passes and voila he is back in the field near his home. He again looks overhead but the object is gone. This scenario has been repeating itself many times with only subtle changes. Occasionally, on awakening in the morning his car will not be parked in his driveway and he will have to take the local bus to work. He never seems to be able to take note of the time when he arrives back home, so can't estimate the time period spent on the craft.

His first memories of being taken were in the period between 2000-2001. He recalls the experience recurring on a weekly basis. This pattern continued for approximately 18 months. During the next two years his abductions decreased and months would pass between incidents. It has now been several years since Mr. Wladyslaw's last abduction experience.

There may be physical evidence of an implant in his thumb. A small protrusion of an apparent hard substance below the surface suddenly appeared after one of the abductions. The object is only the size of a mustard seed. He is reluctant to have it removed as he believes that the aliens wouldn't like it. He also fears they will return if the implant is removed.

However, he has consented to a having an x-ray of his thumb and his skull for other possible implants and is very curious as to the nature of the implants. He also has agreed to regressive hypnosis to recover lost memories, hoping to remember important details concerning his abduction experiences.

The case of Mr. Wladyslaws abductions has been investigated by Grzegorz Domanski, an UFO researcher from the Legnica UFO Research Club. He was acquainted with a woman named Halina who related to him the strange experiences of her nephew. Soon, a meeting was arranged, and Grzegorz met with Wladyslaw at Halinas apartment. It is important to note that Mr. Wladyslaw doesn't seek financial gain or notoriety for his revelations. For the purposes of the article both Mr. Wladyslaw and Halina are pseudonyms.

He claims that prior to his abductions he had no interest in UFOs, environmental protection, warring countries or global politics. As a result of his experiences, Halina states that her nephews outlook on life has changed. Prior to his abductions he was an outgoing, vigorous and energetic person. Today, she claims, he is not.

Prior to his abduction experiences Mr. Wladyslaw believes he was first contacted or became aware of a bizarre phenomenon that was affecting his life in the middle of the 1980s. He would experience episodes of missing time, spontaneous electric appliance activation, vivid dreams of UFOs and most shockingly, blood droplets would appear on his pillow, when no visible trauma was present.

Mr. Wladyslaws experiences are not unique, but his story along with tomes of other abduction cases is confirming the hypothesis that not all extraterrestrial races are peaceful and benevolent. Some are extremely dangerous and have unknown agendas.

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