UFO Sightings

UFO Sightings
UFO Sightings

Date: Throughout History

Location: Worldwide

1947: Year of the Alien Wave

2 Landed Craft in Northwest Territories

3 Fishermen see...A Flying Submarine?

3 Sightings In Barron County, Wisconsin

7 Flying Disks Observed Over Wanaque Reservior

12 Year Old's Encounter

15 Sightings of UFOs

30 Hour UFO Encounter

50 Missiles Go Offline

86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

A Sighting in Parkstone

A U-Turning Star?

A70 Abductions

Abductee Involved in UFO Crash

Abducted and Mind Control

Abduction Of Myrna Hansen

Abduction On North Canol Road

After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying Encounter

Airship Mystery of 1890's

Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

Air Force Jets Pursue Lights Over Small Texas Community

Air Shows & UFOs

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Alien Abduction in Tuscany

Alien Craft And Entity Encounter In Cuban Waters

Allagash Abductions

Alois Olenick Sighting

Alsworth AFB Encounter

Amarillo UFO Sighting

America West UFO

Amy Rylance Abduction

An Airship Spotted Over Hull in 1909 & 1934

Antarctic UFO?

Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Arkansas Airship Mystery

Assorted Sightings

UFO Attack On Fort Itaipu

Aveley Abduction

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

Bass Straight Sighting

Battle Of L.A.

Bent Headlight Beams

Betty Andreasson Encounter

Bigelow Ranch

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Black Helicopter Escorts UFO

Black Sphere Observed Over Australia

Binbrook RAF Incident

BOAC Flight 510-196 Sighting

BOAC Stratocruiser UFO Incident

Bodnya Encounter

Bonsall UFO

Bizarre UFO witnessed at RAF Boulmer

Bougainville Reef Case

Boyne Island UFO

Brazilian UFO Flotilla

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Bridgewater UFO

Brush Creek Encounter

Buff Ledge Abduction

Campeche Incident

Canary Island Alien Sphere

Cannon Air Force Base UFO Incident

Carl Higdon Abduction

Carson Sink UFO

Channel Islands UFO

Charlie Redstar Incident

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Chicago Sighting

Chilean Navy Encounters Mystery UFO

Chiles-Whitted Sighting

Cigar Shaped UFO over Denmark

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

Classic Flying Saucer Sighting

Close Encounter In Connecticut

Close Encounter Of Cussac

Coast Guard Encounters UFOs

Colares Island UFO Encounter

Conisbrough UFOs

Colorado UFO

Copely Woods Encounter

Couple Abducted in Brazil

Couple Observe Bat Like UFO

Cowichan Hospital Sightings

Coyne Helicopter Incident

Craft And Tall Being Observed

Crowd of 15 Observe UFO at Los Alamos

Cuban UFO Intercept

Dark Purple, Blimp Shaped UFO

Daylight Disk Sighting

Delphos Ground Trace

Disk Zooms Down Snake River Canyon

Domed Saucers Leave Tracks

Doraty Abduction

Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer

Dwarf Metallic Humanoids Encounter in France

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Edmontonians Claim to See UFO

Edwards Air Force Base Visitations

Eisenhower UFO Sighting

Electric Blue Disk Observed

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

Elk Abducted in Washington State Wilderness

Ellsworth AFB UFO

Ellsworth UFO Case

Emilcin Case

Encounter At Beverly, MA

Encounter at Lake Augustin, WI

Encounter During Family Picnic

Encounter During Hunting Trip

Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years

Encounter With Premonitions of Pueblo Crisis

Everglades Encounter

Eyre Highway Incident

F-16 Shoots Down UFO

Family Abducted

Family's Close Encounter in Rhode Island

Flatwoods Monster

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Five Gold Craft

Foo Fighters

Footage Shows Four Sets of Glowing Lights Floating Above Santiago

Four of Us Saw a Ball of Light

Fred M Johnson Sighting

French Air Force Captain Observes UFO

Gander, Newfoundland UFO

Gemini 4/McDivitt Sighting - Gemini IV UFO

Goose Bay UFO Incident

Gorman UFO Dogfight

Grace Askew Alien Abduction

Green Sphere, Apparent Size of Moon

Greifswald Lights

H.M. Encounter

Hasselbach UFO

Haneda Air Force Base Incident

Hastings Airship Sighting

Hiding Man

High Bentham Incident

Hillsdale UFO Incident

Holland Michigan Sightings

Holloman Film

Hopeh Incident

Hot Pink Chevron UFO

Huge Bright Light Over Lake

Hungarian UFO Snapshot

Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

I Lived in a Nest of UFOs

Husband and Wife Truckers Tell of Sighting

I saw 'Something' too, Over Ft. Lauderdale, FL Did anyone else see it?

Illinois UFO Sightings

Incident at Fort Benning GA

Incredible Fairy Dance, or UFO Sighting

Infant Abduction

Interesting St Louis to Cleveland Flight

In Comes Cold

Japanese Airline Encounters UFO Over Alaska

Jimmy Carter UFO Incident

Joplin Missouri UFO

Kecksburg UFO

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction

Kelly Johnson Case

Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Kingman Crash

Kinross Incident

Kirtland AFB Encounter

Kodiak Island UFO

Kwajalein Atoll Sightings

Lake Elmo UFO Encounter

Las Vegas Incident

Daylight UFO Observed

Leaked Top Secret Photos From USS Trepang

Lina Ivanovna Kravets Encounter

Lights with Tails

Look Ma! No Hands

Loring AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion

Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident

Marseilles, France Sightings

Maui UFO Report

Massive UFO Sighted In Ohio

Metallic, Cigar Shaped Object Observed

Mexico City Mass Sighting

Michelin Aliens

Miami Airshow UFO

Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Military Aircraft Chased UFO over Slupsk

Military Jets Escort UFO To Secret Base

Montana UFO

Moriches Bay UFO Retrieval

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Mud Bay Humming Birds

Multiple Black Disks Observed

Multiple Neveda UFOs

Multiple Sightings of Color Changing UFOs

Munising, MI UFO Sighting

Muscarello Incident (at Exeter)

Mystery of Train #1702

Mystery Over the Highway

Mystery UFO Observed

Mysterious Jellyfish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering over Netherlands

Mysterious Object Spotted Over Hull in 1801

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO

Navy Retrieval of a Crashed UFO

New Zealand Sighting

Nha Trang Sighting

Nullarbor Train Encounter

Oak Ridge

Offutt AFB Sighting

One Night Camping

Orbs Are Everywhere

Patrol Boat Attack

Patrol Car Illuminated By UFO

Patrolman Encounters UFO

Peru Air Force Pilot Shoots at UFO

Pete Mazzola’s Sighting

Peter Khoury Abduction

Philosopher Sees UFO in Himalayas

Pilot Encountered an Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Pilot Sighting Over Korea

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Piney Woods (Cash/Landrum) Encounter

Police Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over Kentucky

Police Officer’s Repeated Sightings

Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Possible UFO Sighting in Beverly, MA

Possible Latin America Crashes

Pregnant Woman Encounters Insectoids

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Radar Visual Over Gulf of Mexico UFO

Radio News Said it was a Meteor Shower

Red Bluff Incident

Ride To The Concert

Road Trip Home

Robert Taylor Abduction

Robert McAllister Incident

Robozero Sighting

Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Roestenberg Sighting

Royals and UFOs

Russian Cosmonaut Observes UFO

Russian Leaders Abduction

Russian Submarines & USOs

Scotland Sighting

Second Sighting Over Lake Norman

Separate Sightings of Similar Object

Shane Kurz Abduction

Sharing Unusual Photograph

Sighting at Chimney Rock

Sighting at Langley AFB

Silent Hovering Craft

Silverdale Sighting

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

South African Police Fire At UFO

Spanish Airspace (Radar) Visual

Spennymoor Lights

Stadium Sized UFO

Student Pilot and Instructor Spot UFO

Strange Blue Light Over Wales

Strange Lights

Strange Stuff at Barksdale AFB

Teen Sees UFO & Occupants

Third Sighting Over Lake Norman

Three UFOs Spotted Over Lake Norman

Tinley Park Lights UFO Sighting

Trumbull County UFO Incident

Truman Bethurum Encounter

Tulli Papyrus

Twin UFO Reports in Massachusetts

Two Craft Meet, Then Depart

An UFO/MIB Encounter

U.S. Steps up Sky Chases

UFO Armada

UFO Alters Polaris Missile Tracking

UFO at Foothills of the Wasatch Mountains

UFO Blocks Tracking of Missile

UFO Crash in Bolivia

UFO Crash Over Israel

UFO Crashes on Botswana/South Africa Border

UFO Encounter From 18th Century France

UFO Encounters over Wytheville

UFO Follows School Bus

UFO Gleans Water from a Military Base

UFO Hits Soldiers With Light Beam

UFO Hovers Over The USS John F. Kennedy

UFO Hovers Russian Military Base Near Nuclear Site

UFO Landing In France

UFO Landing on Aircraft Carrier

UFOs Maneuvered Near Ship

UFO Near Nebraska Power Plant

UFO Observed Over Road

UFO over Forest View

UFO Over Hanford

UFO over Ohio Factory

UFO Seen From US Navy Ship

UFO Sighting by an Astronaut

Antarctica UFO Splits into 2 Identical Pieces

UFO Shocks Jet Passenger in Italy

UFO Sighting in Sasolburg

UFO Sighting Over London

UFOs Spotted Twice in Wisconsin

UFOs Sighted by an Astronauts

UFOs During the Vietnam War

UFO Taking In Water - Entities Observed

United Airlines Flight 105 Pilots Witness UFO Formation

Unusual Lights in Wisconsin Skies

Unknown Object Crashes in Central Greece

USS Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt

USS Kilauea USO Sighting

USS Philippine Sea

Val Johnson UFO Incident

Villagers Blame UFO for India Attacks

Warren Air Force Base Incident

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

While Skywatching...

Washington D.C. UFO Incident

Woman and Niece Observe Entities

Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

William Gill/Papua New Guinea Sighting

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12

Wormhole/Green UFO Mass Sightings Over Cape Town

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