Alien Contact Made In Cappadocia Turkey

Contact Made In Cappadocia Turkey
Contact Made In Cappadocia Turkey

Date: 1948

Location: Nevsehir, Cappadocia, Turkey

Behcet Ocal lived in a small village near Nevsehir/Cappadocia in central Turkey. This area is famous for underground cities and multiple UFO events. He is known as the most famous UFO contactee from our country. When he started to have his first close encounters in 1948 he was a 15 year old shepherd living with his family. In his very simple life style he didnít have the chance to get any education. And there was no power, no batteries to power radios or movies etc. in the village where he lived.

That day when he was taking care of the animals outside of the village he heard a strange sound from the sky. The first thing he saw was a bright ball of light. In his own words, it was stronger than the sun light. In that moment he felt a weird sense of tingling all over his body. When the ball of light changed its shape he was clearly able to see a rocket shape object decending from the sky in a vertical fashion. The object had a metallic look and it was almost 30' long. He was scared, but at the same time he says that he was in another state of mind. A door on the object was opened and 3 visitors came out, two men and one woman.

According to his description, they were humanoids and they had very big eyes. Both of the men had completely shaved heads, and the woman had long hair. The entities had the same size and height as if they were made from the same pattern. Their clothing was very foreign to the young village boy of 1948. They wore a kind of fitted jump suit.

For Behcet, one of the most interesting things was what he called their illuminated object hanging on their necks. It also contacted their waist and there were buttons or keys over the panel of the tool and as he remembers lights on the panel.

He was paniced. He had no idea about space, space ships or Extra Terrestrials. All he could think was that the strange looking people were coming from the United States or from Russia.

In that moment telepathic communication started. They told him not to be scared and that they were not going to harm him. After these first words he felt much more relaxed, and he never felt so peaceful. The visitors didnít name their home planet but they told him that they came from another world.

All communication was telephatic. One of the entities extended his hand to Behcet. The visitorsís palm was round and deep like a small size bowl. When he was touched by the entity, the shepherd had a kind of shock, fell down and fainted. When his family found him later the visitors had gone and Behcet was still unconscious. He was taken to the hospital with skin irritation and burns. Behcet was a quiet and shy man, and he kept his secret to himself until 1977. But between all those years he was in contact with these entities. Only that first visit was face to face, after that they never got together in person. Instead, he saw them in a kind of big screen which used to open in front of him, usually at night.

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