Marlene Travers

Marlene Travers
Marlene Travers

Date: August 11, 1966

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Marlene Travers, 24, told reporters of the newspaper New York Chronicle:

Can you believe it or not, but I was lured to a flying saucer, I was raped and now I'm pregnant by aliens from another world.

Marlene claimed that while out for an evening stroll in the country near Melbourne, Australia, she had seen a silvery, glowing disk land. It was 50' by 10', and a tall handsome man with luminous eyes dressed in a loose fitting metallic tunic emerged from an opening in the side. Marlena wanted to scream and run away, but was paralyzed. The stranger did not use force but only once touched the girl, and she was obedient.

Together they went into the interior of UFO. The man said that she was selected to be the first woman of the planet Earth, to give birth to the child of a man from his planet. Though his speech was just a high pitched whine, she understood by telepathy that he wished her to be the mother of his extraterrestrial child. He led her into a room, which seemed to go out of focus, and proceeded to have clinical, passionless hard sex with her, she later claimed as rape. After intercourse, he followed her out of the UFO, and when she accidentally touched a lever, a flash seared her ankle. The girl fainted. She woke up in a field where the UFO landed, but the ship was gone.

Her friends found her with burnt legs, and there was an indentation on the ground where the incident allegedly happened. She had been missing for seven hours, and following the statement by Marlena, a doctor examined her and confirmed the pregnancy.

Investigations reveal that this account is most likely a journalistic hoax.

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