Timeline of Every Story Contained in The Night Sky

Timeline of Every Story Contained in The Night Sky

Timeline of Every Story Contained in The Night Sky

Guest Submitted - The Night Sky Originals

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Alphabetical List of Shorter Stories

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10000 Year Old Cave Painting

A $544,000 Question

A Girl in the Night

A Grouping of Short, But Interesting Articles

A Kid Walking The Street

Abducted by Aliens: Twins Tell Their Stories

Abduction by the Septeloids

Abduction of Joyce Updike

Abura Sumashi



Arcturian Aliens From the Bootes Constellation

Alaska Triangle

Alien Species Listing

Aliens Run The Government?

Amazing First Hand UFO Testimonials - Norio Hayakawa

Anson Light


Arbyrd/Senath Light

Arcturian Aliens

Are They Even Alive?

Are You Safer Not to Believe?

Area 51

Articles About Ghost Light Like Observations

Abura Akago

Assorted Minor MIB Encounters

Assorted Sightings

At A Mall

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Bake Kujira


Ball Lightning

Bang Fai Phaya Naga (Naga Fireballs)


Beanie Case

Bennington Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Incidents

Big Thicket Light

Bigelow Ranch

Binghams Light

Black Eyed Babies

Black Eyed Girl at Motel

Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids II ( Never let them in )

Black Eyed Kids IV ( Adults...In Texas )

Black Eyed Kids VI ( at my Porch )

Black Eyed Kid Encounter at Sleeping Bear Dunes

BEK's on Halloween

Bloody Bones or Rawhead

Bloody Mary

Blue Skinned Aliens

Bo Men

Bob Lazar (A Brief Biography)


Bottle Hollow

Bradshaw Ranch

Braidwood USO

Brewery Hill Ghost Light

Brieselang Forest Light

Brown Mountain Unsolved Disappearances

Brown Mountain Lights

Bwca or Pwca

CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90


Camp Century

Charlie Redstar Incident

Cigar Shaped Object Hovers Near Victoria, BC

Cloverdale Light

Cogdell Light

Cole Mountain Light

Coral Castle

Corpse Candles

Crossett Light

Dan Aykroyd's MIB Encounter

Dead Man's Pass

Death Lights of Crusheen

Del Rio UFO Crash

Denver International Airport

Devil's Sea

Donald E. Keyhoe (A Brief Biography)

Door at the End of the Hall

Don't Go Looking for Black Eyed Kids

Don’t Go Out at Night and Always Beware the Devils

Dover Lights


Dulce Base

Dulce Base - Part 2

Dulce Base - Part 3


Earth Lights

Eastern State Penitentiary

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

Elmore Rider

El Petizo

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Blamed For A Woman’s Fatal Health Condition

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman


F-16 Shoots Down UFO

Face To Face With A Shadow Being

Falkirk Triangle

Farrenburg Ghost Light

Father of Many Alien Hybrids

Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs

Flying Saucer Working Party

Fluorescence Observation of the Abduction Kind


Foo Fighters

For Darrig or Fear Dearg

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter



Gabriel's Disappearance

Ghost Lights of Bengal

Ghost Lights of Bloody 520

Ghost Lights Of The Yakima Indian Reservation

Gonzales Ghost Light

Grace Askew Alien Abduction

Great Lakes Triangle

Green Flash

Grey Entities Sighted on Numerous Occasions on Same Farm Since the 1850's


Grosse Tete Lights

Gurdon Spook Light

Hansell Road Mystery Lights

Harold Meets The Devil

Haunting of The Blue Ghost - The USS Lexington

Hermit Light

Hedley Kow

Hoija-Baciu Forest

Hombre del Saco, or Sack Man

Hornet Spook Lights

Howard Menger & Connie Baxter Weber

Human Mutilation Factor


I saw 'Something' Over Toppenish Unison Ridge Did anyone else see it too?

I saw 'Something' too, The Brooksville Morning Sky, Did anyone else see it?

I saw 'Something' too, Over Ft. Lauderdale, FL Did anyone else see it?

I saw 'Something'... Did anyone else see it too?

I Saw Structures on the Moon

I Think it was a Dream


In Perspective

Iraq Stargate

Jack o' Lantern

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (A Brief Biography)

JFK & UFO Conspiracy

John Lear’s Disclosure Briefing


Kelly Johnson Case Similar Sighting

KIC 8462852

Knob Noster


Kushtaka or Kooshdakhaa

Lake Michigan Triangle

Lands End Light




Light at Cohoke Crossing

Lights with Tails

Lisa Tenney Abductions

List of Known Bermuda Triangle Events

Little Girl Shadow Being

Loch Ness MIB

Longdendale Lights

Mailman Encounters MIB

Manhattan Project

Maple Lake Lights


Marconi Alien Intrusions

Marfa Mystery Lights

Martebo Light

Mating the Woman from Venus

Men In Black Phenomenon

Miami Airshow UFO

Michele's Abduction

Michelin Aliens

Midnight Caller

Military Maneuver Abduction

Milton W. Cooper Interview Transcript

Min Min Lights

Missing Time, Multiple Times

Montauk Project

Moody Light

More Corpse Candle Tales

Mothman Legend

Mount Misery Road

Mountain of the Dead

Ms. Brown's Alien Interactions

Mystery UFO Observed

Mystery Of Quinn's Light

Mysterious Lights Photographed from the Sky

Neveda Triangle

Never Identified Through Project Blue Book


On This Day...

Operation Tango Sierra

Orang Minyak

Our Hollow Moon

Oviedo Lights

Paasselkä Devils


Paulding Light

PeliNarrows Burial Ground

People Are Vanishing Into Thin Air, In Our National Parks

Pete Mazzola’s Sighting

Phantom Light of Ringold

Phoenix Project

Pine Gap


Possible Crash or Retrieval Off the Coast of Spain

Possible Latin America Crashes

Possible UFO Sighting in Beverly, MA

Power Of 10

Project Bluebird

Project Blue Book

Project Chatter

Project Excalibur

Project Garnet

Project Magnet

Project Mogul

Project Pounce

Project Redlight

Project Rainbow

Project Sign

Project Trinity

Project Twinkle


Randy Cramer, aka Captain Kaye Tells His Story

Red Cap or Redcap

Ronald Reagan's UFO Sightings

Royals and UFOs

Resurrection Mary

Road Trip Home

Robert the Doll

Robertson Panel

Robin Hood

Romblon Triangle

Russian Submarines & USOs

Russian USO Sightings

Sand Mountain Light


Santa Catalina Channel


Screven Spook Light

Secret Mars Colony

Seelie Court

Sergeant Clifford Stone - Part I

Sergeant Clifford Stone - Part II

Shadow People Around Me

Shadow Beings II

Shadow Walker

Shapes of UFOs


Short BEK Encounters

Sighting Over Tennessee College

Silver Cliff Cemetery Lights

Sky High

Sky Roars


Solar System Scope

Spook Light Hill

Spooked by a Young Girl



St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Louis Ghost Train

SS Baychimo - Ghost Ship

Stagecoach Road Lights

StarGate Project

Stardust Ranch - Alien Infested, And For Sale

Stephenville Abduction Story

Stepney Cemetery


Story of Oak Island

Strangers To Be Avoided

Summerville Light

Surrency Spook Light

Suzanne Brown



There They are Again!


Time Travel 101 (Forward)

Tiny People Eaters

Tinley Park Lights UFO Sighting




Tulli Papyrus


Types of Ghosts in Popular Folklore

UFO Files: Countries & Companies Releasing Information and Documents

UFO over Forest View

UFO Timeline

UFO & Sightings Quotes

UFOs During the Vietnam War

UFOs Reported Over Merseyside, England

UFOs Sighted by an Astronauts

Unseelie Court

USS Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt

USS Kilauea USO Sighting

Vallée Classification System

Vander Light

Vile Vortices Around the World


Walpurgis Night

Walter Cronkite Witnesses An Alien Craft During Missle Test


While Growing Up, I Saw Something...Unusual

Will o’ the Wisp

Willard Library

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12


Yellow Book

Yellowstone Lake 'Music'

Yotsuya Kaidan

Yü Nü

You'll be Calling No One

Voghee Lyno

Whiteout Project

Yakima Valley, WA a UFO Hotspot

Zombie Road

Zone of Silence

Zwarte Madam


? - 1899

A Strange Phenomenon - End of the World - 1886

Airship Mystery of 1890's

Airship Viewed by Telescope - 1897

Alien Mothership Spotted Over New York City - 1879

Arkansas Airship Mystery - 1897

Aurora UFO Crash - 1897

Barhöfft UFO Battle - 1665

Chair of Death - 1669

Chase Vault - 1724

Death Light of the Maria - 1872

Deep Creek Wildman - 1870

Early Alien Encounter, Near Abduction - 1896

First Recorded UFO Sighting in America - 1639

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter - 1897

Gray Man - 1822

Green Children of Woolpit - 12th Century

Greenbrier Ghost - 1897

Hastings Airship Sighting - 1897

Incredible Fairy Dance, or UFO Sighting - 1986

Jacob’s Lantern - 1859

James Lumley Sighting - 1865

Lake Elmo UFO Encounter - 1897

Lost Colony of Roanoke - 1587

Lubbock Lights2 - 1843 to Present

Maco Light - 1867

Marseilles, France Sightings - 1608

Mary Celeste - 1872

Meteoritic Phenomenon - 1857

Multiple Black Disks Observed - 1867

Mysterious Object Spotted Over Hull in 1801

Nebraska's Roswell - 1884

Oldest UFO Photograph Ever Taken - 1870

Robozero Sighting - 1663

Soldier Teleported 9000 Miles - 1593

They Came From the North Pole - 1889

Unsolved Mystery From 1034

UFO Encounter From 18th Century France

Poachers Close Encounter - 1880

Sandstone Ghost Light - 1800's

Sighting at Chimney Rock - 1806

Spring Heeled Jack - 1837 - 1904

St James Hotel - 1880's

St. Mary’s Light - 1870's

UFO Battle Over Nuremberg - 1561


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1900 - 1939

4 Dead Alien Creatures In Capitol Building - 1939

Alaskan Alien Photos - 1930's

Alien Saucer Crash - 1937

Alien UFO Stops for Repairs in Sasketchwan, Canada - 1933

An Airship Spotted Over Hull in 1909 & 1934

Antikythera Mechanism - 1901

Barmouth USO - 1922

Black Flash - 1939

Caerphilly Mountain Sighting - 1909

Captain Andriychuk's Daughters - 1924

Cordell Hull saw Aliens in Glass Containers - 1939

Early Bournbrook Encounter - 1901

Egryn Lights - 1904

First MIB Report? - 1909

Flannan Isles Disappearances - 1900

Freiburg UFO Crash - 1936

Graceville Spook Lights - 1910

Joshua Slocum - 1909

Little Fellas - 1914

Mary Jones - 1905

Orion Technology & Other Secret Projects = 1950's

Philosopher Sees UFO in Himalayas - 1927

Russian Woman Abducted By Craft - 1917

Spring Heeled Jack - 1837 - 1904

Tunguska Event - 1908

UFOs Maneuvered Near Ship -1904

Vanished - 1930

Woman Taken Aboard UFO Unwillingly - 1917



Udo Wartena Contact Case



First Roswell (1st Alien Humanoid Retrieval)



Battle of L.A.

Crash of Navy Blimp L-8

Hopeh Incident

Nazi Saucers??



Fatal UFO/Aircraft Encounter

Hagley Woods Mystery

Philadelphia Experiment



Bass Straight Sighting

Bomber Paced by UFO



Flight 19

Nazi Bell, A Time Machine?

Nuclear Plant UFO Encounter

World War II Foo Fighter Sighting



Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Ghost Rockets

UFO Seen Off Road In Texas



1947: Year of the Alien Wave

2 Landed Craft in Northwest Territories

BOAC Stratocruiser UFO Incident

Bodnya Encounter

Bombers Encounter UFO Over Utah

C-54 Skymaster Disappearance

Cave Creek UFO Crash

Chengdu Incident

Daylight Disk Sighting

Disk Zooms Down Snake River Canyon

Family's Close Encounter in Rhode Island

Edwards Air Force Base Visitations

Five Gold Craft

Flying Disk Bigger Than Car Photographed By Youth

Fred M Johnson Sighting

Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Majestic 12

My Grandfather & The UFO ( Roswell )

Oliver Wendell 'Pappy' Henderson

Pilot Spots 6 UFO's

Portland,OR UFO


San Augustine Crash

United Airlines Flight 105 Pilots Witness UFO Formation

US Navy Battles UFOs Protecting Nazi Antarctic Sanctuary

Villa Santina Case



Aztec UFO Crash & Recovery

Bykavorov Encounter

Chiles-Whitted Sighting

Dreamy Draw UFO Crash

Egg Shaped Objects Observed

Gorman UFO Dogfight

Mantell UFO Encounter

S.S. Ourang Medan



Camp Hood UFO Visitations

Commander Bodler’s Wheels of Light

Encounter With Premonitions of Pueblo Crisis

Norwood Searchlight UFO Incident

Project Bando

Project Grudge

Rogue River Incident

St. Elmos Fire



10 Entities Observed

Bossa Encounter

Crowd of 15 Observe UFO at Los Alamos

Cylindrical UFO

Denise M. Stoner Abduction

Douglas C-54D Disappearance

Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer

Entity Encounter

Farmers Close Encounter

Flight 2501 Goes Missing

Major Air Force Encounter with a UFO in Alaska

FBI Memo

Navy Planes And Ships Track Ufo Near Kodiak Alaska

Mariana UFO Incident

Pilots Observe Disk Over Arkansas

Trent Photos

UFO Armada of 1950

White Sands Incident


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Alien Craft Encounter Over Ft Monmouth New Jersey

Clarita Villanueva Encounter

Gander, Newfoundland UFO

H.M. Encounter

Lubbock Lights

Pierre Monnet Encounter

Space Craft Observed On Beach

Squadron of Disks Over Nuclear Facility

UFO Hits Soldiers With Light Beam

UFO Off Coast Of Newfoundland

UFO over Mt. Kilimanjaro

White Sands Radar Visual Contact



2 Doctors Report Alien Craft Over California

B-36 Close Encounter With a Craft Over Arizona

Barra da Tijuca Photographs

A U-Turning Star?

Canadian Naval Officer Has Close Encounter In Hawaiian Waters

Carson Sink UFO

Coast Guard Officer Photographs 4 UFOs

Detailed Alien Craft Encounter

Eisenhower UFO Sighting

Florida Scoutmaster Encounter

Girls Club Frightening Encounter in New York

Gun Camera Shots Of UFO Over Ohio

Haneda Air Force Base Incident

Hasselbach UFO

Hebron Light

More Puerto Rican Sightings

Nash-Fortenberry UFO Incident

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO

Newhouse Sighting

Okanagan Valley USO

Operation Mainbrace

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Project Stork

Puerto Rican Politician Watches Disks

Radar Visual Of Gulf of Mexico UFO

Saucer Dives Into Lake

Saucer Sam

Separate Sightings of Similar Object

Silver Monkeys

Strange Stuff at Barksdale AFB

Technician Watches UFO Near Larson AFB

Topcliffe UFO

Truman Bethurum Encounter

USAF General Witnessed UFO During Flight

UFO Over Hanford

UFO Over Peru

USS Philippine Sea

Washington D.C. UFO Incident



Albert Bender & The M.I.B.

Brush Creek Encounter

Cecil M. Tenny Encounter

Darlington Farm Case

Duck Hunter Sees Craft With Occupants

Ellsworth UFO Case

Four of Us Saw a Ball of Light

Glassy Blue UFO Seen

Goose Bay UFO Incident

Huge Bright Light Over Lake

Kelly Johnson Case

Kingman Crash

Kinross Incident

Lina Ivanovna Kravets Encounter

Man Suffers Severe Headache While Observing Entities

Otis AFB F-94C Disappearance

Project Aquarius

Riley Martin Encounter

Tujunga Canyon Abductions

U.S. Steps up Sky Chases

West Malling RAF UFO Incident



Alien Abduction in Tuscany

Australian Navy Pilot Sees Flying Saucers on Radar Screen

BOAC Flight 510-196 Sighting

Buck Nelson Encounter

Carlos & Anita Jimenez

Craft Spotted In Meadow

Disappearance of Flight 441

Dwarf Metallic Humanoids Encounter in France

Eisenhower's Vacation Secrets

Fisherman Observes Spheres

Huge Object Terrifies 2 Men

Man Scuffles With Entity

Man Sees UFO With Entities

Man Tapped on Shoulder by Entity

Mattydale UFO Crash

More 'Little Men' Events

Prince Philip and the Mysterious Mr. Janus

Roestenberg Sighting

Sea Fury Incident

Sighting at Langley AFB

Strong, Hairy Entities

Tananarive UFO Incident

UFO Landing In France

UFO That Brought An Italian Soccer Game To A Halt

Woman from Venus

Woman Sees Scarecrow While Mushroom Hunting



Abducted and Mind Control

Air Force Jets Pursue Lights Over Small Texas Community

Eisenhower's Close Encounter at Holloman AFB

Frog Like Entities

Hopkinsville Goblins

Man in White

Mass Sighting of a Sky Saucer

New Brunswick Encounter

Project Silver Bug

U.S. Senator Sees UFO in USSR

UFO Landing on Aircraft Carrier

UFO Observed Over Road

UFOs over Louis Mountbatten's Land

Young Boys Brief Encounter



Blue Cloud Like Sphere

Capitol Airlines Flight 77

Case of USAF Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette

Commercial Plane Follows UFO


Encounter That was Only the Beginning…

Entre Rios, Argentina Encounter

Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incident

Lt. Col. Lee Merkel Crash

Maui UFO Report

Orly Affair

Professor Recalls USO Encounter

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Encounter UFO

Transport Crew Spots Giant Disk

UFO Near Nebraska Power Plant



12 Year Old Sees Landed Craft

Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO Landing

Lake Isabella UFO Photograph Still a Mystery

Levelland UFO Case

Multiple Commercial Pilots See Same Thing

Playa Del Rey Encounter

Six Witness Landed Craft With Occupants

Space Baby

Torres UFO Incident

UFO Attack On Fort Itaipu

West Freugh Incident

Wright Field Filming



Beings in the Fog

Bouhamama Case

Enlisted to See the World, But Witnessed a USO

Fishermen in Brazil Watch UFO

Loch Raven Dam Incident

Monon Railroad UFO Incident

Object Tracked on Multiple Radars

Offutt AFB Sighting

Soldiers Close Encounter in Cyprus

Soviet Saucers

Two Patrolmen See Glowing Red UFO

White Glowing Lights in Graveyard



Airliners Paced By Three UFOs

Alors Incident

Brazilian Air Force Pilot Checks Out UFO

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Gerry Irwin Alien Abduction

McChord Mid-Air Crash

Moreland Encounter

New Zealand Sighting

Papua New Guinea Sighting

Project Horizon

Scout Leaders & Troop Watch Craft

UFO Causes Power Failure

UFO Descends, Then Sped Away


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Barstow/Baker UFO

Black Jack Lights

Cressy Cigar

Golfo Nuevo Ping

Pilots Alien Craft Film Confiscated By USAF

Red Bluff Incident

Yacanto UFO Photograph



Alien Entity Shot By Hunter

Antarctica UFO Splits into 2 Identical Pieces

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

Close Encounter in Wayne, New Jersey

Disk Shaped UFO Hovers, Then Evades Pursuit

Eagle River Close Encounter

Timmendorfer UFO Crash & Recovery

UFO Alters Polaris Missile Tracking

UFO at Foothills of the Wasatch Mountains



Disk Landing In Reservoir

Former USAF Major Says UFOs Prowl Our Skies

Las Vegas Incident

Many States Report Strange Craft in the Sky

Phone Call

UFO Blocks Tracking of Missile

UFO With Three Entities Hovers Over Boat Dock



Disk Shaped UFO Larger Than Full Moon

Gigantic Cigar UFO Over The Atlantic

Puerto Rico Trench USOs

Twin UFO Reports in Massachusetts

USO Tracked Off of Norway Coast

USS Pine Island AV-12 Incident

Wayne City Car Chase

Willow Grove Close Encounter



Chicago Sighting

Chuck Wakely Sighting

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

Close Range Sighting of Domed UFO

Deer Hunting Experiences

Double UFO Landing

Mystery of the Solway Spaceman

Lonnie Zamora Incident

Physical Alien Encounter In Shrewsbury

Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Skies of Nebraska

UFO Landing & Occupant Case

UFO Piece of Kallavesi

UFO Shoots Missile Launched From Vandenberg AFB

Warminster THING



Bougainville Reef Case

Carl Moore Abduction

Cat & Mouse with The USS Lexington

Cherry Creek Sightings

Close Encounter in New York

Entities Observed

Gemini 4/McDivitt Sighting - Gemini IV UFO

Golden Egg Chased by Navy Fighters

Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Entities Observed

Everglades Encounter

Felixstowe Fire Demon

John Reeves UFO

Kecksburg UFO crash

Muscarello Incident (at Exeter)

Patrol Car Illuminated By UFO

Planes Chased by Elliptical Luminous Object

Possible Mining UFOs

Project Serpo

Sherman UFO Sighting

Silent Hovering Craft

St. George Multiple Witnesses Sighting

Three UFOs Spotted Over Lake Norman

Two Craft Meet, Then Depart

UFO Landing On Australian Beach

UFO Lands in Pretoria

Valensole UFO Encounter



7 Flying Disks Observed Over Wanaque Reservior

11 Year Old Watches Craft Land

12 Year Old's Encounter

After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying Encounter

Beams of Light

Bent Headlight Beams

Blowing Cave Mystery

Children Observe Landed UFO in Local Field

Christiansen Encounter

Close Up Sighting of Circular Craft

Conisbrough UFOs

Ellsworth AFB UFO

Encounter At Beverly, MA

Encounter At Westall High School

Event At Sea

Grinning Man

Hillsdale UFO Incident

In Comes Cold

Lead Masks Case

Marlene Travers

Michigan Sightings

Monster of Peter Bottom Cave

Montford Bridge UFO Incident on the A5

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring

Multiple Sightings of Color Changing UFOs

Nha Trang Sighting

Physical Alien Encounter In Shrewsbury

Portage County Ohio UFO Chase

Roaring River UFO Encounter

Robert Matthews Abduction and Missing Time

Russian Encounter

Something was Eerie in Erie

Texas Abduction

UFO Hovered Near Missile Launch Control Center

USS Tiru Encounter

Wanaque UFO

Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

Witness sketches 1966 Cape Cod UFO Encounter

Wood Green UFO



An Event On The A-338

Andreasson Affair

Christiansen Encounter

Cigar Shaped Craft Observed

City Youth Tells Of A Strange Ship

Classic Flying Saucer Sighting

Close Encounter Of Cussac

Cuban UFO Intercept

Edmontonians Claim to See UFO

Fighter Planes Disappear After Close Encounter

Herb Schirmer Abduction

Lights In The Sky

Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident

Multiple Encounters of the Shilling Family

Not Such a Skeptic Anymore

Object With Entities Over Manufacturing Plant

Paced By A UFO

Robert Richardson Encounter with MIBs

Shag Harbour Encounter

Small, Domed UFO With Two Occupants Seen Inside

Stephen Michalak Encounter

UFO Brushes Tree Tops

UFO Shadows Fletcher Class Destroyer

Unidentified Craft Witnessed Over Syracuse University

Water Heater Shaped Craft



Buff Ledge Abduction

Carlos Diaz Story

Driver Sees UFO While In Army

Enormous Cylinder UFO Observed

Ghost Road of Scugog Island

Glowing Orange Entity

Grichuna USO Sighting

I Lived in a Nest of UFOs

Littleton, NH USO

LST-1141 Observes UFO in Pacific

Milakovic Encounter

Night Visitor

Patrol Boat Attack

Plate Like Object Observed

Project Pegasus

Redlands Sighting

Robert McAllister Incident


Second Sighting Over Lake Norman

Shane Kurz Abduction

Striking Of The HMAS Hobart

UFO Stalks Two Boys Whitehorse

UFOs Over Minot Air Force Base

Walter Ritzy Story

Vidal Case

Witnesses Observe Near Landing of UFO



3 Day Sighting Onboard The British Grenadier

Chrysler Imperial Levitated Over Road

Craft Leaves Trace Evidence

Disk With Dome Hovers Along Rural Highway

Electric Blue Disk Observed

Extraterrestrial Exposure Law

Finnish Pilots Observe 7 Objects

Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse

Green Cove Springs Abduction

Jimmy Carter UFO Incident

Jose Antonio Da Silva Abduction

Kwajalein Atoll Sightings

Oak Ridge

Porter Creek U.F.O.

Russian UFO Crash And Recovery


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Binbrook RAF Incedent

Bruce Gernon Flies into...Something

Cowichan Hospital Sightings

Craft Leaves Trail of Mist

Hiding Man

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

Soviet Supersonic Bomber Disappeared Without a Trace

That Was No Meteorite



Abductee Involved in UFO Crash

Bizarre UFO Encounter

Costa Rica UFO Photograph

Couple Observe Bat Like UFO

Delphos Ground Trace

Encounter at Lake Augustin, WI

Holloman Film

Leaked Top Secret Photos From USS Trepang

Minnesota Ground Trace

Radar Tracked 35 UFOs At Once

UFO Hovers Over The USS John F. Kennedy



Color & Shape Changing Object Seen

Colorado UFO

Deming New Mexico Spacemen

Family Witnesses UFO

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Former Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft Encounters

Hot Pink Chevron UFO

Innkeeper Watches Entities

J. Allen Hynek's Scale of UFO Classification

Kera, Japan UFO Encounters

Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter

McChord UFO Incident

South African Police Fire At UFO

Stadium Sized UFO

Third Sighting Over Lake Norman

UFO Spotted by the Navy Over the Atlantic

Unusual Abduction of Airman and His Family



15 Sightings of UFOs

Abducted in Lehi

Abduction in Waco

Alien Craft Shuts Power Plant Down

Black Sphere Observed Over Australia

Boys Knock On Outside Of UFO

Coyne Helicopter Incident

Dionisio Llanca Abduction

Domed Disk Near Airliner (Confirmed By Radar)

Doraty Abduction

Entity Walks Straight Up A Wall

Falkville Metal Man

Gabriella Versacci's Abduction & Encounter

Lyndia Morel Encounter

Navy Retrieval of a Crashed UFO

Pascagoula Abductions

Piedmont Missouri Sightings

Shape Changing UFO

Sighting Aboard Coast Guard Cutter

Strange Lights

UFO Stops A Train

UFO Taking In Water - Entities Observed

Underground Base Reveals Disk Shaped Craft & Dead Aliens



3 Boys Watch Craft Land on River Bank

3 Small Boys Witness UFO Landing

5 Strange Beings

Aveley Abduction

Boarding School Girls See UFO

Carl Higdon Abduction

John Day Family Abduction & Missing Time

Look Ma! No Hands

Man Sees UFO, Chased By Entities

Mexican UFO Crash

Motorcyclist Meets 2 Entities

Ride To The Concert

Welsh Roswell Incident

William Bosak Encounter



3 UFO's Escort a Mexican Piper PA-24

5 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young Man

Abduction of Air Force Sergeant Moody

Alois Olenick Sighting

Encounter and Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJ

Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years

Entities Collecting Samples

Farmer Watches, and Smells Unique UFO

Huge Circle of Small Lights

Huge, Silent Sphere Follows Family Home

Loring AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion

Montenegro Air Force General Speaks Out About His UFO Encounter

Navy Pilots Witness Disk Over Pensacola, Florida

Nejdet Boyanay's Long Term Relationship with an Alien

North Hudson Park UFO

Close Encounter of Over Sized Gnomes

RB-47 UFO Encounter

Something We Saw Killed Our Car Battery

Travis Walton Abduction

UFO over Ohio Factory

Young Girl Watches UFO



Allagash Abductions

Aluminum Boat Magnetized by USO

Canary Island Alien UFO

Cannon Air Force Base UFO Incident

Dr. Herbert Hopkins MIB Encounter

La Aurora Ranch, Uruguay UFO Sighting

Police Officer’s Repeated Sightings

Rumworth Lodge Incident

Shirley Fickett's Interview With Dr Hopkins

Stanford UFO Abductions

Struck by Light Beam in Oulu

Tehran UFO Incident

UFO Follows School Bus

Warren Air Force Base Incident



3 Boys Frightened by Creatures From UFO

A Sighting in Parkstone

Alsworth AFB Encounter

Bizarre UFO witnessed at RAF Boulmer

Colares Island UFO Encounter

Cpl. Armando Valdes 5 Day Saga

Domed Saucers Leave Tracks

Dover Devil

Flora, Mississippi UFO Mystery

Humanoids With Glowing Belts

Incident at Ellsworth AFB

Incident at Fort Benning GA

Petrozavodsk Phenomenon


Tom Dawson Abduction

United Airlines Flight 94

Val Johnson UFO Incident

Very Close Encounter With C&O Train

Woman and Niece Observe Entities

Yugoslavian UFO Incident



Abducted While Hanging Out Washing

Abduction in Germany of Pregnant Woman

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Craft And Tall Being Observed

Cullen Abduction

Disappearance of Caribbean Flight 912

Emilcin Case

Frederick Valentich UFO Mystery

Hovering UFO in Australia

Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base

Institute 22

John Mann Family Abduction

Kaikoura Lights

Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Pilot Sighting of Glowing Orange Sphere

Pregnant Woman Encounters Insectoids

UFO Crash in Bolivia

UFO on Collision Course with Private Plane

UK School Teacher Observes UFO

Veteran Pilot Encounters UFO With Portholes

Zanfretta Alien Abductions


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Bridgewater UFO

Couple Abducted in Brazil

Filiberto Cardenas Encounter & Abduction

French Air Force Captain Observes UFO

Harry Turner Incident

Jardim Alvorada Affair

Lynda Jones Abduction in Didsbury

Manises UFO Incident

Mud Bay Humming Birds

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2

New Jersey Close Encounter

Pilot Sighting Over Korea

Russian Cosmonaut Observes UFO

Robert Taylor Abduction

Spanish Airspace Radar Visual

Star Shaped Objects Observed



Abduction Of Myrna Hansen

Aircraft Disappears & UFO Observed

Awoken by a Glowing Green Figure

Kirtland AFB Encounter

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Cash-Landrum Encounter

Five Entities Observed

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 3 - Mind Control

Peter Rojcewicz MIB Encounter

Pilot Fires on UFO in Only Documented Case

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Rosedale UFO

Russian Ufologist/Biologist Saw Saucer Land in 1980

Zigmund Adamski



Airline Pilot Sees Object Over Lake Michigan

Burnt By A UFO Laser Beam

A Dream...or "Shock" Reality?

Hannah McRoberts Photographs

Jane Murphys Alien Abduction and Seduction

Project Hessdalen - The Hessdalen Lights

Reagan Briefing

Trans-en-Provence Case

UFO Sighting in Maine



An Incubus Attack

Ota Air Base UFO Incident




Dr. Kary Mullis's Encounter

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Copely Woods Encounter

Man Who Made it Rain Inside

Military Aircraft Chased UFO over Slupsk

Oz Factor

Strange Case Of Tasca

USS Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO at Sea



Husband and Wife Truckers Tell of Sighting

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 4 - The Craft

Rosendale UFO

Soviet Merchant Ship Gori UFO Sighting



Mystery of Train #1702

Russian Version of Violent ET Encounter from KGB



An Examination Abduction

Blackbird of Chernobyl

Brazilian UFO Flotilla

Ghost By Stairs

Great Attractor

Height 611

JAL Encounters UFO Over Alaska

Safety Officer at Chernobyl Tells Tale of Creature in Reactor

Salthill UFO Sighting

UFO Seen From US Navy Ship

Unknown Craft Crashes in Russia



Family Abducted

Abduction Of Jason Andrews

Abduction On North Canol Road

Amarillo UFO Sighting

Christa Tilton Abduction

Close Encounter In Connecticut

Detective Sergeant Observes Slow Moving Boomerang

MIB's Contact Radio Personality

My Son Possessed

UFO Encounters over Wytheville



Bonnie Jean Hamilton Abduction

Coast Guard Encounters UFOs

Eyre Highway Incident

Family UFO Encounter in Australia

Missing Parent & Encounter

Mother & Daughter Abducted While Walking to Work

Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Radio News Said it was a Meteor Shower

Salter Encounter

Sibling Abduction

Student Pilot and Instructor Spot UFO



2 Women Encounter Alien Entities

Contact in Eastern Europe

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Carp - Guardian Incident

Gifford Abduction

Interview with the Aliens

Moriches Bay UFO Retrieval

Pilot Andrew Danziger Sighting

UFO Hovers Russian Military Base Near Nuclear Site

USS Midway USO Encounter

Phobos II Incident

Russian UFO Crash

Russian UFO Landing & Aliens

Truck Drivers Amazing Alien Encounter

USS Memphis Event

You Won't Remember This


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Alfena, Portugal Mystery

Blue Sphere Obsereved

Calvine/Pitlochry UFO

Fly Me To...

French UFO Wave

Greifswald Lights

Mass UFO Sightings Over Montreal

RAF Tornado Takes Evasive Action from UFO

Tipperary MIB Encounter

Unknown Object Crashes in Central Greece

Westchester Abductions



Airline Encounters

Carp, Guardian, Incident

Craft Spotted in the Puerto Rico Rain Forest

Melinda's Abduction

Mexico City Mass Sighting

Russian Roswell

Strange Midnight Encounter

UFO/USO Encounter



86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

A70 Abductions

Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

American Officer Keeps Silent

Grinning Man in Black

Patrolman Encounters UFO

Peter Khoury Abduction

Pilot Encounters 6 Alien Craft

Strange Happenings

Strange Lime Grove Encounter

Running Pregnant Woman

Strange Blue Light Over Wales

Southaven Park UFO Crash



Cosford Incident

Erwin Lohre & Wife Experience UFO

Filiberto Caponi Encounter

Police Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over Kentucky

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction

National Security Risk

State Trooper Sees UFO

UFO Sighting in Sasolburg



Air France Flight 3532 Sighting

Cando Event

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

Encounter During Recess

Infant Abduction

Holland Michigan Sightings

Meng Zhaoguo Abduction

Nullarbor Train Encounter

Oakville Goo

Silverdale Sighting

Trumbull County UFO Incident

Mystery Over the Highway



2 Cuban Sightings

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727 Sighting

America West UFO


BBQ Abductions

Cary Gordon Trantham's Close Call

Cleveland Lights

Green Sphere, Apparent Size of Moon

Manchester Airport UFO

Salta UFO Crash



Electrician Declares UFO Abduction

Giant UFO Over The Yukon Gold Fields

Hungarian UFO Snapshot

Just Watch the Birdies

Klondike Highway UFO Encounter

Lithuanian UFO Sighting

Pilot Encountered an Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Valley Alabama UFO Picture

UFO Crash Over Israel

UFO Melts Hole in Railway Sleeper in Cheshire

UFO Spotted by Police on East Coast of Britain

Varginha UFO Incident



2 Men In Gray

Abduction In North Wales

Boyne Island UFO

Near Miss With UFO

Phillip H. Krapf's Abduction by the The Verdants

Phoenix Lights

Regular Abductions Since Childhood

Shepherdstown Flash

St. Petersburg Incident

Warning! Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Terrified



Bizarre Encounter At Sea

Chinese Jet Fighter Pursues a UFO

Dark Purple, Blimp Shaped UFO

Entity in Bedroom

Original Black Eyed Kids Story

Possible Alien Abduction in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

UFO Baffles Aviation Experts

UFOs Repeatedly Visit Chile's Biggest Dam

UFO/Sphere Spotted Over Many Towns In Washington State



Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Elk Abducted in Washington State Wilderness

Daylight UFO Observed

Metallic, Cigar Shaped Object Observed

Munising, MI UFO Sighting

Operation Dungeon Storm - A Report

Swedish Military Search For Fallen UFO In Lake

Triangle Sighting Witnessed By Many

UFO Gleans Water from a Military Base

UFOs Spotted Twice in Wisconsin

Winter Hill MIB Case



Black Eyed Kids III - The Portland Kids

Incident at Jacko Lake

Man in Elevator

Las Piñas UFO

Shadow Beings I

Bonsall UFO

Illinois UFO Sightings

Interesting St Louis to Cleveland Flight

Multiple Abductions Of Mr. Wladyslaw

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 5 - Missed Opportunity

Shadow Being, or Something on Drive Home

Triangle UFO Sighted At Idaho Mountain

UFO Photographed At Rumney, New Hampshire



Amy Ryland Abduction

Encounter During Family Picnic

Warren County Ohio UFO Sighting


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Black Eyed Salesman

Lightning Ridge UFO Incident

Paintsville Kentucky UFO Train Collision

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

Xiamen Airlines Sighting



Air Shows & UFOs

Boeing 727-223 Disappearance

Horrifying Alien Abduction Of Corina Saebels

One Night Camping

UFO Shocks Jet Passenger in Italy

Unexplained Lights Over Marine Armored Column



Campeche Incident

Cigar Shaped UFO over Denmark

Glowing object Crosses Over Road

More Black Eyed Kids in Oregon

Neebing Sighting

Winchester Woman



Aaron Rodgers UFO Sighting

Anne Williams Shadow Person Encounter

Army Vet Spots Rapidly Moving Spherical Object

High Bentham Incident

Reporter Goes Missing



Chicago O’Hare UFO Sighting

Men Terrified by Object Inside a Smoke Ring



Black Eyed Vampire

Channel Islands UFO

First Hand Ghostly Experience

Encounter During Hunting Trip

Security Guard Witnessed a Football Field Sized Disk



30 Hour UFO Encounter

3 Sightings In Barron County, Wisconsin

Black Eyed Kids V ( Total Fear in Pennsylvania )


California Abduction

Car Side Swiped by Invisible Something

Close Encounter Over Niagara Falls

Massive UFO Sighted In Ohio

Needles UFO Crash

Spennymoor Lights

Stephenville Lights



Black Eyed Kids in Northern Ireland

Glowing Orbs Witnessed Over Michigan

Marine and Black Eyed Kids

Multiple Neveda UFOs

Portal or Wormhole Observed

Silbury Hill Case

UFO Landing Navajo Nation, AZ



50 Missiles Go Offline

Abducted, Then Returned, While Sleeping

Black Eyed Kids in Ohio

Canadian UFO Over Harbour Mille

Dreadful Knock

One, Two and Three

Phear Park Bowling Green Apparition

Sighting of a Pyramid UFO

Undersea UFO Activity

UFO Drains Cattle Tank

While Skywatching...



Airbus Narrowly Avoids Collision with UFO

Antarctic UFO?

Casino Security Officer Observes Hundreds of Red Lights

Military Jets Escort UFO To Secret Base

North Dakota Kids

RAF Tornado Encounters UFO

Scotland Sighting

Unusual Lights in Wisconsin Skies



Double Sighting Over Bolton, Connecticut

Entire House Goes Missing, Overnight

Long Haul Truckers Wife Abducted?

Plasma Cylinder Observed

Strange Lights Over Blue Springs

Textured Sphere Observed Over Pennsylvania



Black Eyed Kids at the Window

Brooksville Morning Sky

I saw 'Something' too, Over Toppenish Unison Ridge Did anyone else see it?

Make Your Own Decision

More BEKs in a Different State Park


Objects Follow An Air Force Rocket After Launch

Sharing Unusual Photograph

UFO Hits Airliner

Whatever it was, It Terrified Me



Anyone See Anything Like This?

Black Eyed Child Sightings On Cannock Chase

Black Eyed Kids at the Front Door

Chilean Navy Encounters Mystery UFO

It Was No Plane We Saw

Joplin Missouri UFO

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

They Came Into My Room

UFO Nearly Collides with Aircraft in Australia

We Definitely Saw Something...

What is it? A UFO?

What Would This Be?



Brothers Observe Daytime Arrowhead UFO

Early Morning UFO Sighting

Fallstreak Hole

Footage Shows Four Sets of Glowing Lights Floating Above Santiago

Mysterious Jellyfish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering over Netherlands

Orbs Are Everywhere

Wormhole/Green UFO Mass Sightings Over Cape Town



Black Eyed Kid - Atlantic City<

There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones






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