Scotland Sighting

Scotland Sighting
Scotland Sighting

Date: October - 2011

Location: Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth, Scotland

I was in the RAF based at Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth.

We were ordered to board a helicopter and dispatched to the nearby gliding field at Feshie, following a report of lights being seen by a local woman who lives near the bridge, she feared it was a crashing aircraft. We were very well armed including oddly enough surface to air missiles.

This was around 2100 Zulu on a clear starlit night. As we approached the gliding field we saw an oval shaped object that was out of control swaying left to right and up and down around 50' from the ground. It was so bright we had to turn our night vision goggles off, as the light was hurting our eyes.

I was between the pilots and I could see it landed at quite a high rate of descent and our helicopter did not rock with the vortices off the object.

Then it started to change shape and seen to explode into orbs. Each orb had a humanoid highlighted inside it, the orbs shot upwards towards space. One of these humanoids appeared to gesticulate, or use hand signals, as it went upwards. I have no doubt these orbs were personal lifeboats awaiting rescue.

We landed, but nothing remained, except a dark patch of burnt course grass and other vegetation.

After we secured the area, even excluding the local police and the woman who reported the lights, we heard a low level Hercules Helicopter approaching and were surprised by paratroopers hitting the ground after a LALO, Low Altitude Low Opening, jump. They were wearing special suits Iíd never seen before and I know what NBC - nuclear, biological & chemical suits look like.

In the following days many of us, including the crew of the chopper were sick and could not leave the vicinity of a toilet for days. We also had a terrible rash for weeks and low sperm counts when tested. A woman officer found her ovaries had also been damaged. We were told this by the MO, Medical Officer, on the QT.

We were all interrogated individually for days and warned if we told anybody what we had seen then we could find ourselves in breach of the OSA, Office of Special Activities, and jailed indefinitely. We learnt the locals were also visited. I have found myself in frightening places, but these guys took the biscuit, scary, really scary.

I left the RAF nine months later and have suffered many sleepless nights and have never been well since this incident. I now live in a very remote area of the USA and I can disappear when I like. I watch for lights in the sky and Iím well armed to fend any of these creatures off.

However, as Iíve said Iím not well and I know its only a matter of time for me. It's about time the Government informed the people of the UK of the truth and about the missing people, cattle and animals that are happening on a regular basis. Especially the remains they found in Sutherland.

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