Woman Observes Man Sitting On Rim Of UFO

Woman Observes Man Sitting On Rim Of UFO
Woman Observes Man Sitting On Rim Of UFO

Date: May - 1957

Location: Milford, PA

According to the Milford, Pennsylvania Dispatch, Miss Francis Stichler observed a strange object and its occupants. Although no date is given, the December 19, 1957 issue of the Dispatch says the incident took place in May, as follows:

Miss Stichler, who lives on a farm near Milford, was doing chores in her barn at 6:00 a.m. when she heard a whirring sound and looked up. She said a flat, bowl shaped object about 20' in diameter with a rim 3' to 4' wide came into view over the barn, about 15' above the ground.

When it stopped with one side tilted toward her, she saw a man clothed in a light gray, tight fitting helmet and loose, shiny, gray suit perched on the broad rim of the object. His feet and legs seemed to be concealed from view in the lower portion. His position was on the rim opposite Miss Stichler, so that he was facing her. He seemed to be of average size, had deep set eyes, a long face with a quizzical expression, and looked quite tan.

Just as Miss Stichler got over her initial shock, the object left toward the southeast, making a spinning sound, and streaked out of sight.

She claimed she said nothing about the sighting as she had no corroborating witnesses, and didnít think anyone would believe her. She eventually told about it after the other sightings of UFOs and occupants during the November/December flap.

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