Stories/Sightings From South Africa

Stories/Sightings From South Africa

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Eastern Cape - 4 Free State - 2 Gauteng - 6 KwaZulu-Natal - 3 Northern Cape - 1 Western Cape - 2 Nation Wide - 5

Eastern Cape - 4 Entries

Color & Shape Changing Object Seen

Graaff-Reinet Sighting

Missing Time In Port Elizabeth

South African Police Fire At UFO


Free State - 2 Entries

UFO Sighting In Sasolburg

Warden Sighting


Gauteng - 6 Entries

Baviaanspoort Sighting

Booysens Sighting

Erasmuskloof Sighting

Multiple UFOs Seen 2 Times

Pulsing Orange Light

Sergeant Observes Floating Light


KwaZulu-Natal - 3 Entries

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

He's 11 Feet Tall, And On Fire

Multiple Objects Larger Than Evening Stars


Northern Cape - 1 Entries

Warrenton UFO Sighting


Western Cape - 2 Entries

John Doe/H.M. Encounter

Wormhole/Green UFO Mass Sightings Over Cape Town


Nation Wide - 5 Entries

Kalahari Incident

Orange Lights Over South Africa

Mindalore Incident


Robotic Abduction

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