Multiple Encounters Of The Shilling Family

Multiple Encounters Of The Shilling Family
Multiple Encounters Of The Shilling Family

Date: Summer - 1967

Location: Lyford Pond, NH

14 year old Tom Shilling is visiting his cousin in Belmont, NH. The two boys are going on a fishing trip, for catfish Lyford Pond, with their uncles near Belmont.

A thick fog hangs a few hundred feet above the pond, Tom notices as the fog rolls in, everything seems to become very still...Similar to the calm before a storm.

Tom's uncles start looking around nervously, Tom isn't sure why they are acting so strange, until out of nowhere, his uncles tell them it's time to leave. Simultaneously, Tom spots something odd. In the distance, there's a golden glow coming from the creek that feeds into the pond. This glow hovers about 15' above the water. It's moving very slowly, and then it starts to pulsate, emitting a very low tone.

The uncles now have the boat going as fast as it can, being very desperate to get the boys to safety.

Tom watches the approaching glow, as it gets closer and closer. It's dodging overhanging branches, and it's even moving between the trees close to the shoreline. the glow is only about 75' behind them when they finally reach shore.

Once on shore, the uncles know they have to move quickly, yelling to the boys to jump into their truck.

Behind them they see that the glow suddenly stops and redirects itself on a path towards their truck. As they take off down the road, Tom keeps an eye on the light from the back of the truck. When they round the first bend in the road, he sees the light leaving the shoreline and picking up speed. Everyone in the truck is terrified that this UFO actually seems to be out to get them. The uncles are now gunning the truck at 50 mph, but the UFO is right behind them. It makes a sharp right angle turn and shoots straight up into the sky.

Everyone in the truck breathes a sigh of relief.

What's interesting about this case is that both uncles seemed to know that something was coming, and that it wasn't good for them. It turns out, this isn't the first time the family has experienced this kind of terror. It was found that the Shilling family had a long history of close encounters with UFOs in New Hampshire, which explains the uncle's reaction.

Since about 1930, multiple members of the Shilling family have had experiences with UFOs, in fact, almost every single male in the Shilling family has had at least one UFO encounter. It's difficult to know what these UFOs are after, but there definitely seem to be patterns here.

In the summer of 1969, on a humid summer night, Sam Shilling is taking a joy ride through the dirt roads behind his uncle's home in Belmont, he turns up the radio and turns off his headlights, so he's driving only by the light of the full moon, Sam takes a left hand turn, he sees a faint light up ahead through a grove of trees. It looks like a flare about 50' away. Then there is interference on his car radio. The interference sounds like static noise and starts to get progressively louder. Sam makes a turn moving fairly fast at about 30 mph. At this point, the noise on his car radio is unbearable.

Shilling rounds the corner and is stunned by what he sees. Stretching across the entire road is a dark cigar shaped object about 40' long, just hovering there in the middle of the road. The craft is cylindrical, and it has a thick leg like device that angles out onto the ground.

Sam realizes the massive craft isn't moving, and he's about to run right into it, he slams on his brakes, but it's too late and he skids a quarter of the way under the object.

As Shilling's car slides under the craft, his antenna strikes the metallic leg like structure, creating the most unbelievable static upon contact. He tries to reverse, but he can't get it in gear. He's fumbling with the shift and finally he's able to reverse his car just enough to snap the antenna back before the vehicle stalls,Immediately the radio's interference stops.

But Shilling is still trapped under the UFO, and sees the pulsating lights of the craft getting closer.

Shilling is in a panic.

He knows he's being pinned down by some kind of UFO, and doesn't want to leave the car and face this giant thing.

All this is racing through his mind in an instant, and he thinks: This is it. This is where I'm going to die.

The UFO's lights pulse brighter. He looks out his window to try to figure out what the heck this object could possibly be. Then he feels intense heat coming through his windshield. He hears a high-pitched whine that sounds like a table saw. Shilling's windshield is now literally 3' below the UFO's base, he sees a brilliant pulsating light at the bottom of the UFO. It's as blinding as an arc welder.

The UFO begins to rise up, and Schilling decides to escape. As Sam jumps out of his car to make a run for it, blasts of searing hot air radiate from the UFO's base, and he's caught in an intense whirlwind.

Shilling climbs back inside his car, and again tries to move it out from under the UFO. He's now able to throw the car into reverse, and he floors it, the car spins backward about 40' and stalls out. The brilliant light at the base of the UFO flares up for a second or two. Instantly, there is a blinding flash and the UFO vanishes out of sight.

Shilling is just sitting in his car in disbelief.

He sees that the inside of his car is completely littered with pine needles and sand. Sam estimates that the entire event lasted about 30-40 seconds.

The next day John's uncles drive to the sandpits to see if there is any trace of this incident, and they find that tree limbs and small birches in the area are now bent back from the UFO's blast. They also find a circular depression about 16" in diameter and 4" deep in the spot where Shilling had seen the leg like structure located.

Schilling's family is left wondering why UFOs are targeting them once again.

This resonates with me as an abduction encounter. These beings, somehow they cherry pick. They pick and choose. And I think they enjoy this idea that we don't know who they are.

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