Boarding School Girls See UFO

Boarding School Girls See UFO
Boarding School Girls See UFO

Date: February 8, 1974

Location: Valenii de Munte, Rumania

Girls at a boarding school were roommates, and at dawn, they observed two bright orange spheres side by side which were separated by a gap much less than the width of either one. They were fairly sharply outlined and both were surrounded by a whitish halo which was much more intense in the area between them.

Their apparent size was that of a circle 2" in diameter held at arm's length.

After about 15 seconds, the two spheres slowly approached one another, this operation took about 15 to 17 seconds, and fused, forming a long object which was oval in shape and exhibited the same color and halo as the single objects. This object then moved very slowly into the southwest, approximately 6 to 7 seconds, then accelerated and disappeared into the distance within a time span of about 3 to 4 seconds. After the object had left, a whitish mist remained in the area where they had hovered.

Later that day an examination of the fields in the direction where the objects were seen revealed two concave ditches similar to those made by a skidding automobile tire. The earth was not pressed but the soil was gouged out. There was no indication that these marks were made by ordinary means.

So we have another case of soil missing from the ground after a UFO sighting. Unlike the Craft Spotted In Meadow or the Color & Shape Changing Object Seen cases, however, the missing material was not found in the field, and so it can be hypothesized that this was a sample collecting operation rather than tracks left by UFOs which had landed on the ground. Had the two spheres been merely appendages of a larger, darker object overhead, the object would have been difficult to observe because of the brilliance of the light from the spheres. Similarly, had the gouging been done by appendages from the spheres themselves, the brilliance of the spheres would have cloaked the operation.

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