Walter Ritzy Story

Walter Ritzy Story
Walter Ritzy Story

Date: July 1968

Location: Gullimite Mountains, Italy

In July 1968, a Mr. Walter Ritzys car broke down in the Gullimite Mountains in Italy. He recalls this story as if it were yesterday. Even after so many years the feelings were still fresh and vivid for him. All of the conversation he had happened by telepathy and was overall a pleasant experience for him. For a year after the encounter, he suffered from a skin problem and a neuro vegetative disorder, and his hair fell out. The common events among those who have had such an encounter suffer from the same symptoms of radiation sickness.

I was walking to get help when suddenly, I walked into a wall of fog. In about 1000' there was a huge UFO. I continued to walk, and about 150' to the right of the UFO there seemed to be an enormous robot figure. It had 3 legs with 4 arms, it seemed to be working outside of the object. I was befuddled. The light was incredibly intense and it hurt my eyes. It had a kind of halo orange violet light, which reached about 18" beyond the skin. The light didn't spread from this halo and where I stood was still dark.

I saw a figure with a glass helmet on. The eyes were like a cats, they were green and white. Its nose was also cat like, it had a finely drawn mouth, and the skin was olive colored and flawless. He came towards me and telepathically asked me where I came from. Then he told me about them. He said they came from another galaxy very far away. They were part of another planet, which had at some point suffered some kind of disaster. The UFO was a transport ship and they were collecting samples of animal life from another planet. He went on to say that our planet suffered from some kind of imbalance and that sometime in the future there would be an incredible disaster. A crack would appear in the crust of the earth and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and that would be the end.

He also spoke about God. When I asked questions he looked at me as if I was a fool. When he looked at me again I felt undressed. I felt an inner happiness when he spoke which I can't describe. I felt at one with everything, God was in me, God was in the air, God was in the air we breathe, God was in the words I spoke.

When I understood he was about to leave, I became desperate and looked wildly around at the forest. I spoke out loud and begged him not to leave. He replied he had to go and couldn't leave me anything at all, it would harm me. I sank to one knee and I sobbed like a child, I pleaded with him, I was inconsolable.

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