Reptilian in Seattle

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Date: Autumn 2013

Location: Seattle, WA

I can describe all of this better by mouth...their skin, their eyes, their bodies and other things I've seen in the foreground and background. There skin had strange properties.

I've seen them from my living room window the binoculars, they stood under a tree that was unusually covered with lichen. They were about 3' tall and just stood there. First there was one looking towards me in the direction of the sun. I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked again and there were two of them now standing beside each other.

It scared me. they were camouflaged to the background. It was like they were in a clearing under the tree. It was like I was seeing another dimension. I looked at them for a long time all of a sudden they where gone I kept watching and they appeared, then disappeared. Then appeared and stay for at least 2 hours I kept checking back and they where still there so I decided to go take a shower, thinking that I must be hallucinating but when I came out of the shower they were still there looking toward the sun in my direction. I wanted to tell some one but there is no way that they would see what I was seeing because they where camouflaged like a reptile.

They had big round eyes, two holes for their nose and a slit for a mouth. Their skin was like scales that changed colors matching the background.

I went to sleep after about three and a half hours. When I woke up and looked they where still there. I told myself no one would believe this so I went back to sleep. When I woke up they where gone.

There are more details. Some things I seen and felt before I seen them. I believe there is something going on under ground in this place. I could here vary strange sounds in this place, seemed to be coming from the underground.

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