Navy Retrieval of a Crashed UFO

Navy Retrieval of a Crashed UFO

Date: 1973

Location: Pacific Ocean

Another 1973 story shared by a former member of Naval Intelligence Officer discusses the recovery of a crashed UFO in the Pacific.

It basically started when I entered the Navy. I was trained as a gunners mate. And instead of being sent to school as normal recruits would be, I was kept at the Great Lakes Naval Base at a place called the Big Green House, which is their gunners school. This is located in the Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago. The reason that they kept me there was that my aptitude tests showed me as being somebody reasonably good and intelligent. I had a very high ranking score on the intelligence test and the mechanical aptitude test. They wanted to keep me around as an instructor. The theory was that a recruit who was also an instructor could help other recruits become better gunners mates.

9 months later, Naval Intelligence approached me to go to work for them as a normal gunners mate. But I was to be aware of the things that go on around me and to report any sort of questionable activity that I had seen. I was given a AAA security clearance at that time and was told that if I kept my nose clean for a period of 1 years, I would be sent overseas and given a AAAAA class security clearance.

This one night, I was Officer of the Guard, I was given a letter by a messenger that I was supposed to give to the OD (Officer on Duty). It was For His Eyes Only, and it was a sealed envelope. I was to get a signed receipt from him. The receipt was on the front of the envelope. To do this, I had to look inside the envelope. I had to call and tell them what I was doing and the officer was busy at that time. So it was decided that I was to be allowed inside the building to his office, have him sign the receipt, then turn around and walk out.

Now this was highly unusual. Normally they would come to the door and sign the receipt and I would get inside. But that night, the OD was busy. They let me in through this sliding door, a nice large metal door. I walked inside and was stopped to sign in. I was escorted down the hallway about 20' by 3 burly SPs. I took a turn to the right for about 5', went down another hallway about 8', took a turn to the left for about another 5', walked out into a warehousing area where I saw a strange craft off to my left.

I was told to walk on...get my signed receipt...turn around...and leave.

I was told NOT to pay any attention to what was going on around me.

As I went to the doorway where the OD was, I saw a very unusual craft over to my left. The craft was possibly 30' to 35' long, about 12' to 15' at its thickest part, then it tapered off in the front to a teardrop shape. I only caught it at an angular view. It looked like it did not have any seams to it. It had a bluish tint. But that was only if you looked at it for a few seconds. If you looked at it and turned your eyes away real quick, all you saw were white lights. It was sitting on a pedestal or frame made out of 4'x4" wooden blocks. It was held up by crossbeams underneath it and was sitting about a foot or two off the floor.

At that time, I had turned and walked into the office where the OD was sitting. There were several people in there. Nobody was talking, nobody was doing anything. Everybody was watching me. They seemed nervous. I laid the envelope on the desk and did a quarter of a turn to my left so I could not see what was in the envelope. I was scared that I might see something I wasn't supposed to.

At this time, I had a very good view about halfway from the craft to the tail section. The whole craft tapered back to a very high edge. It looked as if it had a razor edge, a razor sharp edge. The bottom went about the length of the craft and then angled sharply upwards. I was then ordered by the Officer on Duty to take the receipt, which meant I had to turn back around and face him. The envelope had disappeared, and I don't know where it went. I was told to take my receipt and leave and not to say anything to anyone about what I had seen. I turned around to my left. As I did, I got a full scan of what the craft was. Then I did a very quick about face and was escorted out. I finished my shift as outside duty officer. And that?s all. I turned the receipt in to the officer of the deck in the morning. I then slept until about 4:00 p.m. and that was it.

About 2 months later, I went to San Diego to put some missiles in a sub. I was talking to one of the guys who were on a destroyer. It seemed as though they had tangled with some unidentified craft. He didn't know what it was. They brought it down in the Pacific in about 350' of water. The reason that nobody could tell if it was a craft or not is that it didn't look like anything that he had seen before. He sketched it for me. I was in a bar with him at the time and we had a few beers, so I took the story with a grain of salt, until I saw the sketch of what the craft looked like.

It was an exact copy of the same craft which I had seen in Chicago. This happened right around the time I was getting out of boot camp, which would have put it around June of 1973 that the craft was shot down. It was brought from San Diego by rail to Chicago where it was worked on.

I think one of the reasons they had to get it out of that area was due to the large amount of publicity that it got. A destroyer does not shoot on an aircraft without drawing some publicity. They shot it down with a surface to air missile (SAM), according to what the sailor said.

They hit the craft, but didn't destroy it. According to him, they didn't even dent it. But it sent up a concussion through the craft and whatever was inside of it was destroyed or hurt or whatever. I don't know, he didn't say. He did say that they were able to pull some sort of life form from out of it. That's all I heard from him. He did tell me that the Glomar Explorer was used to extract the craft from 350' of water. And that the ship was a naval destroyer escort. The destination of the vessel was Hawaii at the time of the incident.

FOIA inquiries were filed to locate any information on the story. But they proved to be fruitless.

The Navy claimed to know nothing about it. One would think that a story like this would be difficult to keep secret. The source stands by his account, however. Is the story true? Or was it merely a test of the witness's reliability in keeping a sensitive matter secret since he was being primed for a position in intelligence?

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