Russian Encounter

Russian Encounter
Russian Encounter

Date: June & July 1966

Location: Topolovka, Magadan Oblast, Russia

Moscow geologist Oleg Ivanovich was involved in a geological expedition and along with the others in the group had camped out in a thick forest northwest of Topolevka. One day their horse got badly stuck in the swamp mud and decided to camp out for the night. Soon they were awakened by a deafening noise from the sky. Running out of his tent, Ivanovich found that, all around them, the forest was on fire. The trees were burning, the heat was intense and they jumped into the river to escape from it.

The next morning, pockets of forest here and there were still burning and they set out to see where the explosion appeared to have been. Then queer things began to happen. Their compass went spinning out of control. The radio would not work properly, and they began to experience a sensation of powerlessness. The trees were seemingly all bent over in one direction, and their tops were lopped off as though by a gigantic knife. Approaching cautiously over the very swampy terrain, they saw the wide outline of a burnt object, like two washbasins set face to face, with flashing lights around its central part, they could see a small door from which dense smoke was coming. And, emerging from the dark interior, through the door, a sort of tentacle sticking out.

Owing to the swampy soil they could not get no nearer. They were about 80' from it. They began to take photographs, but none came out very well. They suspected that it was due to radioactivity, because even during that brief period they all felt overcome by vertigo and nausea. Ivanovich eyesight was also impaired somehow, so they decided that it was safer to retreat to a safer distance.

By then it was getting dark and they heard the sounds of approaching helicopters. The pair counted over 5 helicopters heading to the site where the crashed craft lay. They thought of going back to the scene but it was getting dark and their compasses no longer worked. So the next morning around 10:00 a.m. they returned to the location and there wasn't a scrap of the burnt and crashed object left. They however found human footprints on the swampy soil and marks left by the helicopters.

Later other eyewitnesses surfaced, Anna Egoronovna had been awakened in the middle of the night by a roar and found the walls of the house shaking. Half asleep she looked outside and found that it was all lit up, just like daytime. The ground began to shake and she saw a great glowing light descending towards the forest, a light as bright as the sun. It made her eyes sore and affected her eyesight. The thing fell somewhere in the forest and she felt a powerful blast of wind and then everything went dark again, all that remained was a great glow off into the distance.

Also Michael Kuzmich, a 79-year old hunter had been fishing in the area late at night when suddenly he heard a tremendous noise, a sort of howling. Then the sky lit up as though all in flame. He ran, seeking shelter and then there came an explosion and he was struck by a tremendous blast of air. The tops of the trees were catching fire and crackling as the flames leapt up. He thought that the Chinese had launched a nuclear missile.

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