One Cool Summer Evening At The Ranch

One Cool Summer Evening At The Ranch

Date: Feb 13, 1976

Location: Salto, Uruguay

It was a cool summer afternoon when we had gotten home from a day in the city. My wife & youngest boy had gone in the house with the Groceries, and my oldest son and I stayed back. I remember getting a strange knowing like sensation. I quickly turned to my son and asked him if he wanted to see a UFO. He smiled at me and stated that he would.

With my gaze fixed on him, I slowly moved my hand straight up and pointed my finger into the night sky. "There" he looked where my finger had pointed and we were both gazing at an orb like object flying in the night sky. We kept watching in admiration at how it moved casually in the sky without a sound to be heard.

Then I looked at my son and said "look, the UFO is going to come down from over those mountains and then come over here". Now the thing is, that I had that funny knowing feeling all along and my son just looked at me with awe. Sure enough, seconds after I had showed him were the UFO would come down, it did. It looked like a bright like, as it came over to our direction, it followed the terrain closely. I've never personally seen any conventional aircraft like as such. When the vehicle came over us, It illuminated us with what appeared to be a dim spot light. It hovered there for a few seconds, after that it started to continue to move on, a few seconds later a coyote yipped in the distance and the lightbeam shown in the direction in which the coyote had been. It resumed it flight course and then shoot straight up into the night sky.

My son was amazed and questioned me as to how I knew what Id showed him, I just told him I didnt know, because I was just as baffled that I did know. Then at that point, I pointed towards the Peach trees, and told him we should go in the house. My son asked why, so I went ahead to explain that aliens were in the trees. I got a sense of fear and we both ran in the house. Just to let you know. The UFO was the shape of a tube. The only light we saw was at the front of the craft. It was black, and hard to decern any other shape than tube like.

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