An UFO/MIB Encounter

An UFO/MIB Encounter
An UFO/MIB Encounter

Date: June 27, 1992

Location: Raeford, NC

At about 12:30 a.m., a noise like a passing freight train rattled the trailer where Mrs. Diane Messing lived with her daughter. Previously, the outside lights of their and the neighbor’s homes had suddenly failed and the Messings decided to go outside and investigate what was happening.

When they stepped outside, the Messings saw what appeared to be a bright fire burning in a woods which was located in a hayfield about 300' from their home. The fire, however, proved to be a spherical object about 15' across with orange windows, it was entirely silent.

After approaching the object quite closely the women decided to call the sheriff’s office but when six deputies arrived the object had vanished.

However, the outside lights were working again and the following morning an examination of the scene revealed an area of grass that had been flattened, swirled and discolored. The incident attracted the attention of UFO investigators and amongst these the Messings were visited by a man who claimed to be a military officer. This man was described as being creepy and his questions proved to be distinctly odd and at times irrelevant. Despite attempts to do so, his identity was never established.

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