Encounter With Premonitions of Pueblo Crisis

Encounter With Premonitions of Pueblo Crisis
Encounter With Premonitions of Pueblo Crisis

Date: Summer - 1949

Location: New Troy, MI

I was 4 years old. Playing in front yard of my home. I was kneeling on the front lawn on all fours when I became aware that the green grass was blue in color, and was puzzled about it, it suddenly switched to green. It was then I realized I could move and I stood up and felt a presence behind me. I turned and looked up above the trees and saw the large object. It had approximately a double row of 100 windows and was light brown metallic color. It was moving slowly west.

I felt fear, and turned to run into the house. But then it dawned on me I had just been there and the people were friendly. I turned back, smiled and waved. I stood there and watched the object move slowly west for about 3 minutes. I then ran into the house and tried to tell my mother what I had just seen.

She went outside but the craft had already passed over and did not return. She could not understand what I was trying to tell her. She then asked if I wanted lunch, that is why I place the time around 11:00 a.m.

I remembered at the moment the people who looked like what is referred to as The Grays.

I later recalled flashes, or moments of actually being on the craft.

In junior high school I would draw and doodle images of the large eyed, large headed persons. It is difficult, even now, to think of them as aliens or anything other than persons or people. It was a totally positive experience.

Later, I was in Army Intelligence as Chief, Intelligence Branch, Military Intelligence Division, G2. During the USS Pueblo incident I participated in decisions about the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea. I experienced an intense Deja Vu and there was a sense of dread that the last time through, we had made the wrong decision and used nukes on North Korea. I made recommendations not use them in a memo that had 5 items against and 3 items for their use. After the memo had been accepted by, sent in CINC, UNC name unchanged, I experienced a recall of craft seen at 4 years old and the feeling that was why had the contact. That the purpose of that contact had been fulfilled with my recommending not using the nuke weapons but instead advocating for negotiations and setting an example for other countries to keep the peace.

The first point of the memo was the stated United Nations Command mission was to keep the peace.

The second point was negotiated to get the crew back unharmed and set an example for other countries to follow in such crises.

I can recall the entire memo but it was classified: TOP SECRET, NOFORN, LIMDIS, EYES ONLY on the rest of the items in the memo.

But there was the intense feeling that the purpose of the contact from years earlier, had been fulfilled with decision not to use nuclear weapons in response to the seizure of the Pueblo.

I have only told a very few persons about this for obvious reasons. But it is as clear to me today as it was then. At the time my IQ was measured at 155 and I had a photographic memory with respect to reading intellligence reports. The naming of the position I held as Chief, Intelligence Branch identifies me to those who have access to the information of who filled that position during the Pueblo crisis. I am a bit uncomfortable about that but the experience of 1949 is clear in my mind. I have researched for sightings of such an object as I saw, cigar shaped with double row of windows and light brown metallic color and huge. As a 4 year old I can only try to guess at the true size of the object. But I estimate at least 500 yard long, in my mind 5 football fields, or larger. At one point I found a list of sightings in a book which indicated a large cigar shaped object in summer of 1949 near South Bend, Indiana which is approximately 30 miles from the New Troy, Michigan location. It confirmed my experience. I would be interested in knowing if there were any other sightings during 1949 of such a large object in the midwest.

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