Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter

Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter
Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter

Date: July 5, 1972

Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia

27 year old Maureen Puddy saw a UFO on the Alooraduc Road. The object was a huge blue disk, which hovered above her car as she returned from visiting her son in hospital. 20 days later, at almost the same spot, it returned. This time it seemed to drain power from the car, causing it to stop, the car appeared to steer itself to the roadside. A voice in her head told her:

"All your tests will be negative." It continued: "Tell media, do not panic. We mean no harm."

On February 22, 1973, in Mooraduc Crossing, Victoria, Australia, she had another encounter, as follows:

On the night prior to this experience, Mrs. Maureen Puddy 'heard a voice' calling her name. The next morning she perceived a message telling her to return to the site of her 1972 UFO close encounter. She contacted two investigators of the Victorian UFO Research group and drove with them to the site at Mooraduc Crossing, Victoria, Australia. Enroute, she briefly saw a man sitting in the front seat of the car whom her passengers did not see. ked in at the wrists and covering the feet. He had long blond hair. He beckoned to Mrs Puddy, but she did not respond, instead, she appeared to lose consciousness.

She experienced some kind of altered state of consciousness, in which she was able to describe to the two passengers in the car what she was seeing at the moment. She felt she was in a round room lit by an unknown source. The f

As she approached the spot of her earlier encounter, she saw the same figure standing outside the car, but the others again saw nothing. She reported that the figure was normal sized, wearing a white ski suit style coverall tucigure appeared in the room with her, and the room was shaped like a large mushroom with a stem at the bottom and a hemispherical dome on top. It appeared to have an inner hemisphere that appeared to be wobbling, and had what looked like hieroglyphics on it. She saw no doors or windows in the room, and became frightened and she started to cry and 'woke up' with tears in her eyes, but she could recall nothing of what had just happened in her trance like state.

About a week later she was driving with her son, and was seated in the front passenger seat. The same 'man' again appeared, sitting between them, but her son did not see him. His presence was accompanied by an abrupt change in the weather, which had been rainy. It suddenly cleared, and Mrs. Puddy could see for miles. When the figure vanished abruptly the rainy conditions again prevailed.

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