Listing of Paranormal & Ghosts.

Paranormal & Ghosts
Paranormal & Ghosts

Abandoned Hospital


Bermuda Triangle Incidents

Bigelow Ranch

Black Flash

Chase Vault

Coral Castle

Dead Man's Pass

Death Light of the Maria

Death Lights of Crusheen

Door at the End of the Hall

Eastern State Penitentiary


Ghost By Stairs

Ghost Road of Scugog Island

First Hand Ghostly Experience

Grinning Man

Haunting of The Blue Ghost (The USS Lexington)

Hopkinsville Goblins

Mount Misery Road

Phone Call

Resurrection Mary

Robert the Doll

St. Augustine Lighthouse

St James Hotel

Shadow People Around Me

Shadow Walker

Stepney Cemetery

Types of Ghosts in Popular Folklore


White Glowing Lights in Graveyard

Willard Library

Zombie Road

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