An Examination Abduction

An Examination Abduction
An Examination Abduction

Date: November 1986

Location: Palms, CA

The witness awoke from what she assumed was a dream, where she had been in a metallic walled room, with several small humanoids that were examining her with various probes. As she opened her eyes she noticed a small humanoid standing on either side of her, withdrawing needles from her arms.

The witness yelled and her dog came running into the room and sprang at one of the humanoids, but this one thrust his four fingered hand out at the dog, the dog then retreated whimpering in fear. Every time the witness screamed the other humanoid would place its hand over her head, tranquilizing her. At this point the witness mother entered the room and saw the two humanoids also.

These were described as 4' tall, with reptilian textured grayish skin and huge heads and large deep set black almond shaped eyes that angled upwards. The mother screamed causing the two humanoids to jump back startled and touch a circulating light sphere attached to what seemed to be belts on some kind of uniform they wore.

The beings vanished in plain sight and at the same time the power in the house went out. An orange colored oval shaped object was seen hovering silently over the house apparently causing the house to vibrate, it then moved quickly away.

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