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Stories/Sightings From Other Countries

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Algeria - 2 Antarctica - 4 Angola - 1 Austria - 1 Azerbaijan - 1 Bahamas - 1 Barbados - 1 Bermuda Triangle - 5 Belgium - 2 Bolivia - 3 China - 8 Colombia - 3 Costa Rica - 2 Croatia - 2 Cuba - 3 Cyprus - 1 Denmark - 4 Egypt - 1 El Salvador - 1 Estonia - 1 Ethiopia - 1 Finland - 9 Georgia - 1 Greece - 2 Greenland - 2 Guam - 1 Guatemala - 1 Honduras - 1 Hungary - 2 Iceland - 1 India - 6 Iran - 2 Iraq - 2 Ireland - 8 Israel - 2 Kazakhstan - 1 Korea - 6 Kwajalein Atoll - 1 Libya - 1 Lithuania - 2 Madagascar - 1 Madeira Islands - 1 Malaysia - 1 Malta - 2 Montenegro - 1 Newfoundland - 3 New Guinea - 2 New Zealand - 7 Norway - 6 Panama - 2 Peru - 9 Philippines - 8 Poland - 6 Portugal - 5 Rumania/Romania - 2 Saudi Arabia - 2 Scotland - 3 Sweden - 8 Tajikistan - 0 Tanzania - 2 Thailand - 2 The Netherlands - 2 Trindade And Martin Vaz - 1 Turkey - 1 Ukraine - 1 Uruguay - 2 Venezuela - 5 Yugoslavia - 5 Zimbabwe - 4 International - 1 Not Really A Country - 46

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Algeria - 2 Entries

Bouhamama Case

Bright & Low Flying UFOs


Angola - 1 Entries

Boeing 727-223 Disappearance


Antarctica - 4 Entries

Antarctica UFO Splits Into 2 Identical Pieces

Destacamento Naval Argentino Orcadas Sighting

Operation Highjump

U.S. Navy Battles UFOs Protecting Nazi Antarctic Sanctuary


Austria - 1 Entries

Salzburg Abduction


Azerbaijan - 1 Entries

Bykavorov Encounter


Barbados - 1 Entries

Chase Vault


Bahamas - 1 Entries

Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse


Belgium - 2 Entries

Entities & Craft Seen In Belgium

Entity Walks Straight Up A Wall


Bermuda Triangle - 5 Entries

C-54 Skymaster Disappearance

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Disappearance Of Caribbean Flight 912

Disappearance Of Flight 441

UFO Hovers Over The USS John F. Kennedy


Bolivia - 3 Entries

Glassy Blue UFO Seen

UFO Crash In Bolivia

UFOs Put On Light Show


China - 8 Entries

A UFO Event Happened About 50 Years Ago In Beijing China

Chengdu Incident

Chinese Jet Fighter Pursues A UFO

Glowing Human Sized Object/Entity Watched

Hopeh Incident

Meng Zhao Guo Abduction

UFO Hits Airliner

Zhangye National Geopark


Colombia - 3 Entries

Farmers Close Encounter

Small Craft Responds To Boy Flashing A Flashlight

Wanna Take A Ride?


Costa Rica - 2 Entries

Costa Rica UFO Photograph

Formation In Sky


Croatia - 2 Entries

3 Objects Wanted To Be Seen

Cigar Shaped UFO Created Crop Circle


Cuba - 3 Entries

2 Cuban Sightings

Cuban UFO Intercept

Scout Leaders & Troop Watch Craft


Cyprus - 1 Entries

Soldiers Close Encounter In Cyprus


Denmark - 4 Entries

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Denmark

Denmark UFO & Entity Sighting

Farmer & Wife See 2 UFOs

Paralysed By UFO


Egypt - 1 Entries

Tulli Papyrus


El Salvador - 25 Entries

Bell Shaped Craft With Entity


Estonia - 25 Entries

Fly Me To...


Ethiopia - 25 Entries

Gabriel's Disappearance


Finland - 9 Entries

Finnish Pilots Observe 7 Objects

Incident In The Forest

Luumäki Encounter

Paasselkä Devils

Salesman's Car Stalls During UFO Sighting

Sinikka Kuittinen's Encounter

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

Struck By Light Beam In Oulu

UFO Piece Of Kallavesi


Georgia - 1 Entries

Air France Flight 3532 Sighting


Greece - 2 Entries

Unknown Object Crashes In Central Greece

Small Fleet Of UFOs


Greenland - 2 Entries

Camp Century aka Project Iceworm

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO


Guam - 1 Entries

Brothers Observe UFO


Guatemala - 1 Entries

Temple Of The Two-Headed Serpent


Honduras - 1 Entries

Most Beautiful Experience


Hungary - 2 Entries

Hungarion Pilot Films Disk

Hungarian UFO Snapshot


Iceland - 1 Entries

Huldufólk - Hidden People


India - 6 Entries

Aleya Ghost Lights Of Bengal

It Was Actually A Vimana

Rajajipuram UFO

Strange Moving UFO

UFO Sightings In India

West Bengal Sighting


Iran - 2 Entries

2004 Iran UFO Sighting

Tehran UFO Incident


Iraq - 2 Entries

Iraq Stargate

Unexplained Lights Over Marine Armored Column


Ireland - 8 Entries

20' To 25' Classic Circular Hovering UFO

Death Lights Of Crusheen

Flying Rectangle

Near Miss Over Ireland

Pilots Saw Bright Lights Streaking Across The Sky

Point Of Light Travelling Across The Sky

Salthill UFO Sighting

Tipperary MIB Encounter


Israel - 1 Entries

UFO Crash Over Israel


Kazakhstan - 1 Entries

Central Asia's Roswell


Korea - 6 Entries

One Week Visit by Huge Saucer Over Korea At The 38th Parallel

Pilot Sighting Over Korea

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Separate Sightings Of Similar Object

UFO Hits Soldiers With Light Beam

USS Philippine Sea


Kwajalein Atoll - 1 Entries

Kwajalein Atoll Sightings


Libya - 1 Entries

Lights In Sky, Mars Brightness,Seen Several Nights In A Row


Lithuania - 2 Entries

Lithuanian UFO Sighting

UFO Causes Media Hysteria


Madagascar - 1 Entries

Tananarive UFO Incident


Madeira Islands - 1 Entries

Attention Turned To Light In Sky


Malaysia - 1 Entries

S.S. Ourang Medan


Malta - 2 Entries

It Wasn't Sputnik Or A Satellite

Small Fleet Of UFOs


Montenegro - 1 Entries

Montenegro Air Force General Speaks Out About His UFO Encounter


Newfoundland - 3 Entries

Gander, Newfoundland UFO

Radar Blips Observed Many Times

UFO Off Coast Of Newfoundland


New Guinea - 2 Entries

UFO Took 30 Minutes To Pass Overhead

William Gill - Papua New Guinea Sighting


New Zealand - 7 Entries

Alec Newald Abduction

Bright Light Conceals UFO

Eileen Moreland Sighting

Kaikoura Lights

Moreland Encounter

New Zealand Sighting

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12


Norway - 6 Entries

Couple In Norway See UFO

Object Moves Around Plane

Mystery Of Train #1702

Project Hessdalen (The Hessdalen Lights)

UFO, Or Bolide, Who's Telling The Truth?

USO Tracked Off Of Norway Coast


Panama - 2 Entries

Another Possible Abduction?

Panama Canal Zone Sighting


Peru - 9 Entries

Carlos & Anita Jimenez Encounter

Hovering Disk With Entities

It Hovered Over The Park

Man Boards Craft & Taken For A Ride

Nazca Lines

Object With Bright Light Bounced Up & Down

Pilot Fires On UFO In Only Documented Case

UFO Over Peru

Watched A Cylindrical Object

The Philippines8 Entries

4 Similar Sightings - Hours Apart

Clarita Villanueva Encounter

Half Moon Shaped Object Noticed

Las Piñas UFO

Multiple Objects Seen Over The Philippines

Phillippines UFO Incident

Romblon Triangle

Two UFO Flying Up & Down, Back & Forth At The Speed Of Light


Poland - 6 Entries

Daniel Leger Encounter

Emilcin Case

Huge Crimson Orb

Travelers Observe UFO & Occupant

Military Aircraft Chased UFO Over Slupsk

Project Riese (Giant)


Portugal - 5 Entries

Alfena, Portugal Mystery

Ota Air Base UFO Incident

Two Craft Meet, Then Depart

UFO & Alien Sighting

USS Scorpion Sinking


Rumania/Romania - 2 Entries

UFO Created Crop Circle

World’s Most Haunted Forest


Saudi Arabia - 2 Entries

Bright Blue, Oval Shaped UFO

F-16 Shoots Down UFO


Scotland - 1 Entries

Loch Ness MIB

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Sweden - 8 Entries

Beings In The Fog

Bright, Star Like Object Doubles In Size

Ghost Rockets

Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Martebo Light

Swedish Military Search For Fallen UFO In Lake

UFO Causes Power Failure

UFO Was So Low It Almost Touched My Head


Tajikistan - 0 Entries


Tanzania - 2 Entries

UFO Over Mt. Kilimanjaro

We Still Do Not Have The Technology


Thailand - 2 Entries

Bang Fai Phaya Naga

Multiple Lights, In Formation


The Netherlands - 2 Entries

Blue Cloud Like Sphere

Mysterious Jellyfish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering Over Netherlands


Trindade And Martin Vaz - 1 Entries

Trindade And Martin Vaz UFO


Turkey - 1 Entries

Nejdet Boyanay's Long Term Relationship With An Alien


Ukraine - 1 Entries

Captain Andriychuk's Daughters


Uruguay - 2 Entries

2 UFOs Travelling Together

La Aurora Ranch, Uruguay UFO Sighting

Venezuela - 5 Entries

A Strange Phenomenon - End Of The World

Man Scuffles With Entity

More 'Little Men' Events

Multiple Entity & Craft Sightings

Strong, Hairy Entities

Yugoslavia - 5 Entries

Former Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft Encounters

Innkeeper Watches Entities

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Titograd UFO Incident

Yugoslavian UFO Incident


Zimbabwe - 4 Entries

Encounter During Recess

I Thought UFO Was A Car

Scotty Beamed Us Up

Soldier Meets His Doppelgänger


International - 1 Entries

DEW Line

Not Really A Country - 46 Entries

Air Force Plane Encounters UFO

Antikythera Mechanism

Bizarre Encounter At Sea

Commander Bodler’s Wheels Of Light

Devil's Sea

Awesome Or What?

Enlisted To See The World, But Witnessed A USO

Gigantic Cigar UFO Over The Atlantic

I Saw Structures On The Moon

Lights Similar To The Phoenix Lights

List Of Known Bermuda Triangle Events

LST-1141 Observes UFO In Pacific

Mary Celeste

Navy Retrieval Of A Crashed UFO

Our Hollow Moon

Pan Am Flight To Honolulu

Philosopher Sees UFO In Himalayas

Possible Latin America Crashes

Project Serpo

RAF Tornado Encounters UFO

Radar Visual Over Gulf Of Mexico UFO

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

Russian Cosmonaut Observes UFO

Russian Submarines & USOs

Russian USO Sightings

Secret Mars Colony

Sighting Aboard Coast Guard Cutter

Soviet Merchant Ship Gori UFO Sighting

SS Baychimo - Ghost Ship

Three Day Sighting Onboard The British Grenadier

Transport Crew Spots Giant Disk

U-Boat Attacked By Sea Monster

UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier

UFO Off Coast Of Newfoundland

UFO Picture Snapped From Ship

UFO Shadows Fletcher Class Destroyer

UFOs Sighted By An Astronaut

UFO Spotted By The Navy Over The Atlantic

UFO/USO Encounter

USCGC Sebago (WHEC-42) Encounters UFO

USS Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt

USS Kilauea USO Sighting

USS Midway USO Encounter

USS Pine Island AV-12 Incident

USS Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO At Sea

Vile Vortices Around The World


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