Nullarbor Train Encounter

Nullarbor Train Encounter
Nullarbor Train Encounter

Date: December - 1994

Location: Nullarbor Plains, Australia

UFO's on the Nullarbor Plain, The site of nuclear tests in the 1950s, the Nullarbor Plain in Southern Australia has seen numerous incredible UFO sightings over the years. The Nullarbor Plain is a dry, almost featureless landscape, with little rainfall occurring during the year. The plain extends 180 miles west and 150 miles east of the state border between South and West Australia. The name Nullarbor means no trees. Only saltbushes and bluebushes survive the intense desert climate.

One of the most interesting UFO reports to come out of the Nullarbor Plain involved a Australian National Railway diesel train. In December of 1984, Gary Edwards was working for the Australian National Railways Commission as a Station Assistant Class 3. One night at approximately 11:30 p.m. he was listening to the radio telephone, the only communications link to train Control in Port Augusta in South Australia, when he heard the train driver say to train control:

There is a bright light above us and we are losing power.

Then the driver said:

It has moved beside the engine, went up and done a steep dive to the right.

The UFO appeared to crash into the nearby sandhill with a glow in the distance. The engines power then came back on, and it continued its run with no further problems.

When the train finally arrived at Cook railway siding, it was almost three hours overdue. According to Gary, the engineer and fireman were clearly shaken up by the incident. So much so, that both men shortly thereafter quit their jobs and disappeared. John Beattie, a spokesman for the Australian National Railways told investigators:

We don't know what it was, or what caused the diesel train to lose power. The two train operators say they experienced the power loss at the same moment they spotted the light. Because they have much experience of travelling through the outback, the light must have been very unusual for them to report on it.

The event occurred at the Barton railway siding which is close to the Woomera, joint USA/AUS prohibited area.

Local rumors after the incident spoke of a crashed flying saucer recovered at the site and taken into the Woomera area. The next day the sighting made national news on ABC radio and in local newspapers. However, the report never made international headlines, and the sighting was soon forgotten. To this day, Gary Edwards wonders what it was that frightened his two colleagues so much that both gave up good jobs and vanished.

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