Eileen Moreland Sighting

Eileen Moreland Sighting

Date: July 13, 1959

Location: Blenheim, New Zealand

On the morning of July 13, 1959, Eileen Moreland set out to milk the cows at 5.30 a.m. This chilly morning was routine. Moreland reached the cowshed, turned on the lights and radio, grabbed her torch and set off across the paddock. Half way across the paddock she saw a strange green glow through the low clouds, the glow broke through the cloud cover and became two lights, like eyes or big lamps.

Everything was bathed in an eerie light that overwhelmed her torch.

It was a horrid sort of color, she later mentioned.

My first thought was I shouldn’t be here, and I made a dive for the trees.

From her hiding place among a shelter belt of pine trees, she looked up. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

A circular craft about 30' wide and with a curved glass cockpit silently descended towards her. Two shafts of green light beamed down from its underside. Two rows of small, orange jets shot outwards like spokes from the rim of the disk.

The craft suddenly stopped descending and began to hover about 15' from the ground. The jets disappeared and then reappeared pointing sideways in two rows. The top row span clockwise very fast, while the bottom row moved in the opposite direction, trailing orange flames.

The air on this cold July morning became warm and she noticed a low hum. She was scared stiff, but curious and enchanted by the lights.

Inside the curved glass cockpit, she could see two figures wearing shiny silver suits and helmets. The suits were tight like a wet suit and looked like they were made of aluminium foil.

The men were seated one in front of the other. Both had their backs to her. A flickering light shone up from below them, reflecting off their suits.

Then one of the silver suited men emerged from the craft and walked towards her. She could see his face through a small visor in the helmet. He was wearing a wide belt with a black disk at the center. He had a harness on his chest that held a small dial and a series of tubes coming out of the helmet. His left hand was missing and was encased in a dark sheath.

Then he shouted at her in a foreign language she did not recognize. He retreated back to the craft and got back on board.

After a few moments, the jets starting shooting out from the craft again. It tilted at an angle and then shot up into the sky at great speed.

As it retreated behind the clouds it made a soft, high pitched whine.

Then she was alone. Standing in a waft of hot peppery air. She was relieved that the attracting power of the green lights had gone, but didn’t know what to do next. Eventually, she finished milking the cows.

While I was milking I kept wondering, and felt a bit shaken and puzzled, and did not quite know what to do about it.

She returned to the house and woke her husband Frederick to tell him what she had seen. She feared he would laugh at her, but he took her seriously and asked if she had called the police. She rang the police at 7:00 a.m.

It was an image she could still recall in detail decades later. It was just imprinted indelibly on my mind. I just took it in. I saw everything in those few minutes.

Local Air Force officials took her claim seriously. They assigned an investigator who interviewed Moreland and found her to be credible. And they found others in Blenheim who had seen similar lights.

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