Pierre Monnet Encounter

Pierre Monnet Encounter
Pierre Monnet Encounter

Date: July 28-31, 1951

Location: Between Corthezon and Orange, Vaucluse, France

19 year old Pierre Monnet lived in Orange (Vaucluse), France, at the time of his first encounter with extraterrestrials. This occurred in the small hours one night in July 1951 while cycling home after a visit to his fiancée, who lived in the little village of Courthézon, 5 miles from Orange, a 15 to 20 minute journey he made twice a week, on the same days.

Monnet had the habit of checking the town clocks before leaving and on arrival, to compare his journey time. That night was no exception, he pointed out, and after the normal check I got on my bike. It was 1:30 a.m. But this time, something different happened, something that was to become increasingly common in abduction scenarios reported years later.

I was astonished to find myself instantly transported 3 miles further on, at the entrance of a large, deep pit of sand and gravel, 40' from the side of the road. Between the road and the pit were a thick hedge, high undergrowth, and bushes.

My mind felt blank. I was dazed. Then, like an automaton and as though I was being directed by an irresistible force, I followed the large gravel slope which led down to the right and further into the pit. I don’t know why, but I got off my bike and continued on foot. I felt very tired and had the impression that my feet weren’t touching the ground, but that was only an impression. I was very calm and relaxed. Little by little, a kind of peace came over me. The further I went on, the more I had the feeling that one has when getting into water for the first time, up to one’s shoulders, a gentle pressure on the lungs...and I was short of breath.

Then, at a bend in the pit where I moved as though I knew exactly where I was going, I saw a luminescent light about 200' in front of me, behind a mound of earth. I kept on, and then saw in front of me, 50' away, floating between 30" above the ground, a disk 60' in diameter, topped with a central bulge in the form of a dome. From top to bottom the machine must have been about 10' high. The disk pulsated with a white silver blueish light, clearly illuminating the walls of the pit 30' away. This radiation seemed to radiate from the soul of the metal, of which this strange machine was made, with a fascinating beauty the metal seemed at the same time to be both material and ethereal, with constant inner movement almost alive. As I came closer, I noticed that the surrounding noises had dimmed. When I was about 20' from the disk, I could no longer hear the noise of traffic, even at that time of night, there was still traffic, owing to the Festival. As I approached, total silence fell. I could no longer hear the crickets or even the sound of my footsteps on the gravel. It was impressive. I felt great, amazed at what I was seeing.

Probably because I was so fascinated by the machine, Monnet continued, I had not noticed, in front of it and a little to the side as it still hovered above the ground, four extraterrestrial human beings in tight fitting catsuits of shiny silver gray metal which lit up an area of 16' around them. I was no more than a few yards away from them and I went calmly toward them. I was no longer aware of my body. Arriving 10' in front of these beings, I stopped and looked at them. They were barefoot. They were tall, they must have measured over 6'. They were perfectly proportioned and identical in build. Their hair was blond white and reached almost to their shoulders. Their faces were beautiful and very refined. They had a light, frank, and gentle expression which I have never seen in Earth people. They were so beautiful, but at that moment I was not sure if they were men or women, since they did not have breasts. But after a brief while there was no doubt, they were certainly men. They gave an impression of great strength and they were built like athletes. Despite that, they were smiling and radiated calmness, gentleness, and goodness. They then raised their arms in my direction, almost horizontally, the palms of their hands turned upwards. They made this movement almost in unison, and in silence. I made a gentle movement backward: I wanted to escape, and shivered from head to toe. They made themselves clear to me without opening their mouths: I heard their thoughts very clearly in my head. It was extraordinarily precise and clear. Moreover, while admitting that in our language we have precise words capable of translating perfectly what was said during this contact, which I now describe as telepathic, the quantity of what was said to me in such a short time, I estimated about half an hour, could not be expressed in our language if we were to speak for eight hours a day for a year or two.

Given to me were not words, but coded thoughts in the form of impulses, for which I could find no words of translation at the time, apart from a few isolated phrases that I could translate instantly, claimed Monnet. The realization of the concepts which were given to me that night did not become apparent to me until two years after my contact. Here are a few scattered phrases that I could understand immediately as they were pronounced. We want the best for all living beings, especially if they are not aggressive. Do not come any closer to our vehicle. It is dangerous for human beings not in tune with its wavelength, the vibrations it emits would destroy the cells of your body. This meeting will cause you troubles which will affect your health, you will have nervous problems for a certain time, then that will pass. Later, our conversation will become clear and you will be able to let the people of your planet know what we have told you...but take care not to allow your own concepts to interfere.

You are not the only person on your planet to have spoken with us. Unfortunately, most people do not want to speak about us and the others are not believed...Your life would not be long enough, for this reason, we propose to regenerate the cells of your body so that you will live the value of 120 human years. We will carry out this regeneration inside our vehicle after our meeting, and forgive us that we think it necessary for you not to remember the operation. Then, said Monnet, the beings stopped emitting their thoughts. I was so intent on receiving these that I hadn’t noticed that an opening had appeared in front of the dome, wide enough to allow two men to enter. Inside was a white orange light almost unbearable to look at. The four beings were there. Then silence, Without saying good bye, I turned, picked up my bike, and wheeled it back up the slope to the main road. Instantly, I was transported to the outskirts of Orange. I looked at my watch and was amazed to see that it was still 1:30 a.m. I went to compare the time with the town hall clock, which read 1:35 a.m. My watch also read 1:35 a.m. For me, it was incredible. But what was more, I could not remember the journey of 5 miles, it seemed as if I had not traveled at all. Also, unusually, I was not tired or out of breath because of the journey. I hadn’t noticed anything; not the headlights of passing cars, nor the passing countryside.

I had to rationalize it. Time could not have passed. Time had stopped during the journey and the meeting, which I thought had lasted about 20 minutes. If you take into account that normally I took 20 minutes to cover the whole distance, theoretically that made 40 minutes unaccounted for. The thing seemed so fantastic that during the long days and sleepless nights that followed, I tried to work out what had really happened and posed myself all sorts of questions and proceeded to check it out from the beginning. First, checking the time of the two clocks and my watch, I made another return journey between Orange and Courthézon. I noticed that the time on the three was exactly the same, the clock at Orange, the clock at Courthézon, and my watch. Not one of the three had stopped, gained, or lost time. Objectively, I thought that all this could have been a particularly vivid dream. To be certain that I did not dream again, that night I woke up my mother, inventing some excuse, in the hope that she would reprimand me. The following morning I was reprimanded. Now I had the proof that I had not been dreaming. In any case, I know the difference between a dream and reality.

After this adventure, Monnet went on to claim further experiences, including the sighting of a flying disk during his military service in Indo China. And in France in June 1974, while paying for gas at a service station, he recognized two men filling their car, a new, metallic gray Renault 16, as either his original contacts or their doubles. The men inspired him with a sense of exceptional well being, radiating tranquility, power, peace, and love. Identical to that recounted by those involved in the Amicizia saga. They gave him a penetrating look, transmitted a telepathic message, then departed.

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