Radio News Said it was a Meteor Shower

Radio News Said it was a Meteor Shower
Radio News Said it was a Meteor Shower

Date: April 30, 1988

Location: Lincoln, MO

I donít remember when we first seen the object but we watched as it came closer it was huge, you could see details panels, sections & lots of windows, not a lot unlike a cruise ship, at one point I got out & just watched in awe of what was happening, I donít know if awe is right word because there was no panic, no fear, perhaps wonder is the better word,

I watched the windows, hoping to see someone in there but never did, You could make out corridors, halls inside.

I said it was huge, so big I couldnít make out a shape, round maybe the best description, didnít glow but was bright sort of like a full moon, It was close right above us, Anyway we watched it for a while I donít remember how long we were there, but finally we decided to leave. We didnít drive far before we looked & it was gone, didnít see it leave.

We got back to Lincoln, 3 to 4 miles away, no one was around.

We never told anyone, or talked of what happened, but the next day, news on the radio said there was an active meteor shower the night before, my wife & I just shook our heads looked at each other said it was no meteor shower, and never talked about it again for like 15 or more years.

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