Mass Witness Sightings

Mass Witness Sightings
Mass Witness Sightings

Mass Witness Sightings (UFO - ULO - USO)

Aurora UFO Crash

Battle Of L.A.

Charlie Redstar Incident

Chicago O’Hare UFO Sighting

Cosford Incident

Crowd of 15 Observe UFO at Los Alamos

Encounter At Westall High School

Encounter During Recess

Holland Michigan Sightings

Illinois UFO Sightings

French UFO Wave

Kecksburg UFO

Levelland UFO Case

Mantell UFO Encounter

Mass Sighting of a Sky Saucer

Mass UFO Sightings Over Montreal

Mexico City Mass Sighting

North Hudson Park UFO

Operation Mainbrace

Phoenix Lights

Portage County Ohio UFO Chase

Redlands Sighting

Sighting Over Tennessee College

St. George Multiple Witnesses Sighting

Stephenville Lights

Tananarive UFO Incident

UFO That Brought An Italian Soccer Game To A Halt

UFOs Sighted, Filmed Over New Jersey

Washington D.C. UFO Incident

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