Assorted UFO - Automobile Episodes

Assorted UFO - Automobile Episodes

Date: Assorted

Location: Assorted

January 1967 - Villard, MN

In early January of that year, Robert Blaine was on his way to Kensington to attend the Villard-Kensington basketball game. Riding with him were Mrs. James Galvin, wife of the Villard basketball coach, Billy Smith, and three of Blaine's children, all youngsters ranging from 7 - 13 years old.

At about 7:30 p.m. and about two miles east of Farwell, MN, on Highway 55, the engine of Blaine's 1964 car died and the lights went out. To his left, Blaine spotted an orange flash at about the level of the hood, then tiny beads of light crossed in front of the windshield.

Mrs. Galvin also said she saw an orange and red flash go by the driver's side of the car at about the level of the window.

The car coasted for some distance, then the engine and lights came on again without warning or aid. Blaine first thought a short had started the trouble, was startled when the engine started again by itself, and inspected the car under a streetlight when he arrived at Farwell. There had been no trouble with the car that night and there was none thereafter. Blaine admitted he was startled and that because of his fear he did not attempt to investigate the light.

March 17, 1967 - Ohiopyle, PA

Wilbur Daniels, 37, and his wife Janet had watched a light which appeared to be following their car for the distance of a mile at an altitude of 100'.

Several neighbors claimed they also saw the object as it perched over the Daniels' home for about 5 minutes shortly before 8: p.m. It was round and orange as if it was on fire, they said.

March 21, 1967 - Hillboro, KS

About one mile west of Hillboro, near U.S. 56, Miss Mary Beth Neufeld of Lehigh and several friends were attracted by a brilliant light. They were interested as it was a very cloudy night and there were no stars visible.

For a lark, they started toward it, whereupon it flashed and began moving toward them.

They described it as flat like a pancake with an upside down cup on the top of it.

The object caught up with the car which started rocking real bad, causing considerable consternation among the girls. The engine stalled and after several seconds of the rocking motion, the object left as suddenly as it had arrived on the scene.

March 24, 1967 - Loco, TX

An incident involving an actual chase took place when Air Force Staff Sergeant Johnny Ferguson, who was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, was on route to Memphis, TN, to visit his parents.

He and his wife and three children were travelling by car on an FM Highway in the vicinity of Loco, TX, at 5:30 a.m. when he pulled his car to the side of the road in order to consult a road map and noticed a red light which he first thought was on another vehicle.

As it approached, however, he noted that it made no noise. It first appeared to be about 8" in diameter, but as the distance closed between itself and the car, it grew in size until it was as wide as the road.

At that point, Ferguson decided to depart, and as he drove, the object followed him, so he increased his speed until he was attaining speeds as high as 100 M.P.H. in his attempt to escape the thing. He noted that the object followed the terrain of the country, going down with the dips and up over the knolls. It was gaining on his car when he approached a farm house, then it split into two separate lights and disappeared into the sky at a high rate of speed.

Ferguson then drove into Wellington, TX, where they notified officers of their experience.

On the following Monday, Air Force investigators Colonel Hallmark and Lt. Nicholson of Altus Air Force Base arrived in Wellington, and with Sergeant & Mrs. Ferguson, proceeded to the area of the chase.

Sheriff's Deputy Hooten told the press that no report was disclosed by the Air Force concerning the investigation, but that the Altus team seemed to be open minded about it.

April 28, 1967 - Mangum, OK E.A. Griffith, who claimed that his car had been chased by a silent object with flashing lights. He said that he first thought the object was a helicopter but decided that couldn't be the explanation as it made absolutely no noise.

The craft either beamed a light down on his car or its lights illuminated it, he said. One state trooper reported that he interviewed a farm family who said they saw the object above the car but could not make out the shape because of the darkness. The chase lasted only a few minutes and the object disappeared into the night sky at about 8:30 p.m.

April 28, 1967 - Monroe, NC

Dennis Whitley made the mistake of trying to signal a large, white light which he spotted above the road ahead of him as he was returning home from a church meeting.

When he reported it, he said it was shaped like an umbrella on top with crystals on top of it, and that he tried to get its attention by blinking his lights. The thing then seemed to lock in on the road or my car, for it began to follow his car at 45 to 50 miles per hour, making the same curves that the car did.

Shortly after the chase began, the thing turned from white to orange, coming closer to the road as if it were going to land. He said he stopped his car once but was too frightened to get out.

When he reached home, his mother also saw the object which she said was orange and that it hovered near the house for about 30 minutes. After the sighting was published, a neighbor, Mr. George W. Hilton, claimed he and his wife saw the object as they left the Celanese plant in Rock Hill. Hilton said that he didn't report it to the police until he learned of Whitley's experience because he was afraid of ridicule.

May 7, 1967 - Arnett, OK

The same pattern was found in an incident when Jerry Luck, a junior at the High School, was driving home at night. Passing in front of a school located in open farming country about a mile from his home, he glanced to the west and spotted a large white light which was later determined to be the size of a dime at arm's length.

As he continued on his way, the object moved toward his car. It had been at approximately 40° elevation when he first saw it, but as it approached, it became parallel with his car.

When Jerry arrived at home, he rushed inside and his parents came out and observed the object as it hovered for a few minutes, then moved into the west at high speed and disappeared from sight.

The light was white, they said, and they got the distinct impression that it was solid.

May 13, 1967 - St. George, UT

One of very few instances of a firearm being used against a UFO allegedly took place about 17 miles west of St. George.

Michael Cameadore, 24, a resident of National City, CA, was en route to Salt Lake City to attend the funeral of his grandmother and told officials at St. George that he heard a strange, loud humming sound.

At first, he thought it was a truck trying to pass so he moved over but could not see any lights in his rear view mirror. He then put on his brakes and jumped off the truck.

An object was hovering over his truck at an estimated altitude of 25' to 35'. It was an amber colored circular object which he estimated to be 40' to 50' in diameter.

Thoroughly frightened, Cameadore reached into the truck, got his .25 calibre handgun, inserted a clip of ammunition, and began firing. He said he heard the bullets strike and ricochet and the sound convinced him that they were striking metal. At this point, the object simply put on a burst of speed and was out of sight in just a few seconds.

May 26, 1967 - Albuquerque, NM

Another trio of young men experienced a typical car buzzing incident at 10:15 p.m. The 3 boys were driving on Atrisco Avenue north of Central Avenue in Albuquerque, when they spotted a white light approaching from behind. The light darted back and forth across the road and at first, they thought it was the lights from a car being driven by a drunk.

When the object got above the car, it kept their speed and movement along with them and then, the engine and lights died.

They said they jumped out of the car and as they looked up, the object flew away into the southwest at high speed. They all said there was no sound connected with the incident.

May 14, 1971 - Blackfoot Indian Reservation near Gleichen, Alberta, Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Raw Eater, Blackfoot Indians, were on their way home at the end of the work week. They had stopped at a bar for a few beers, as was their custom. At a certain point in the road, after having passed some houses on a hill, they became aware of a very bright light. Both Mr. & Mrs. Raw Eater had difficulty in describing what happened, but said the light persisted for a few seconds, whereupon Mrs. Raw Eater informed her husband that the car was off the ground. He said he kept steering the car, but it kept to the center of the road and apparently, his efforts to steer it had no effect.

According to Raw eater, the car seemed to float from the crest of the hill to the bottom at a speed of about 40 to 45 miles per hour, with no feeling of the characteristic bumps in the road. Mrs. Raw Eater looked outside and saw that the wheels were about 2' above the level of the road. She said that the car felt like a new car, which theirs wasn’t, and that she was very frightened. When finally the light went out, the car descended to the surface of the gravel road with a decided bump. Then, the couple drove to Mr. Raw Eater’s house where they discussed it with his brother and his wife.

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