UFO Sighting Over London

UFO Sighting Over London
UFO Sighting Over London

Date: October 28, 2012

London, England

The footage below, of the UFO lasts only seconds. Pay close attention at the 20 second point of video.

The video shows a view of a highway or other multilane road as seen through the windshield of a moving vehicle.

Along the right side of the image, oncoming traffic can be seen. Since the sky is dark, the vehicles all have on their headlights. Illuminated streetlights can also be seen at regular intervals above the roadway on the right.

Although the UFO sighting is being called confirmed, there is no information available regarding who confirmed it, or what criteria were used to confirm the sighting. The only description of the UFO in question on YouTube and First Post is:

The UFO can been seen flying low over the motorway at high speed.

Upon closer inspection of the video, a UFO is visible at the 20 second mark, just seconds before the video ends. It moves across the image from left to right. The UFO could be a reflection of the oncoming headlights or streetlights overhead. The vehicle in which the cameraman was traveling passes many lights before the single white light travels overhead, perpendicular to the lanes of traffic. However, the phenomenon occurs only once, not every time the vehicle passes an oncoming car or streetlight.

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