Dish Water of Kuusamo

Dish Water of Kuusamo
Dish Water of Kuusamo

Date: January 3, 1971

Location: Kuusamo, Northern Finland

In the years 1969-71 there was the UFO wave of Pudasjärvi-Kuusamo. Typical to the UFO flaps and waves is that they mostly happen in mountain areas. The most southern fells, mountains, on top of which no trees are growing, are in Pudasjärvi and Kuusamo

It was an early winter morning, when Mauno and Martti Talala, a country couple, were drinking morning coffee in their typical single family house in Saapunki. The lake Saapunki was hardly seen through their window. There was quite a fierce snowstorm and you could not see the lights in the windows further than 985'.

Suddenly they saw a very bright light which was approaching from the lake. The light was about 33' in diameter. It was moving against the wind. Later the UFO researchers found out that the moving light had been seen by many people living on the lake. It created breaks of electricity in some houses.

When the couple looked out after some seconds, they were terrified, the whole yard was bathed in a bright light. First they thought a fire had started in a yard building. Then they saw that it was a big orb, so strong that it was difficult to look at the object.

After some seconds the orb rose up and disappeared. The couple went out and saw some signs in the place, above which the strange object had been hovering. There were some extra materials in the snow and additionally a very odd phenomenon, ice sticks upwards, small ice balls on top. Normally ice sticks can be seen on roof edges, where water has dropped and frozen.

The local UFO club was just that morning going to Pudasjärvi to establish a new UFO organization. After hearing about the new UFO case they decided, that half of the group would leave for Kuusamo. Later engineer Ahti Karivieri, the leader of Pudasjärvi-Kuusamo investigations, collected exact details and materials of the Saapunki case: interviews, written and taped, photos, drawings, material samples.

The sample was sent to the Geological Research Institute. There was working Dr. Birger Wiik, who had become famous for the moonstone investigations. He was the only person in Finland chosen to research an American moonstone. When newspapers got to know about the Saapunki UFO case and the samples sent to Dr. Wiik, they interviewed him. Without knowing details and without researching the samples he estimated that the materials found in Saapunki were dishwater.

Immediately after the interview Dr.Wiik met his friend, who knew more about UFOs. After the meeting Dr. Wiik tried to withdraw his statement, but it was too late. People in Saapunki were quite hurt, because according to them, throwing dishwater to the middle of the home yard wasn't good manners.

Later Dr. Wiik`s assistant mentioned that the material sample bottle, sent by eng. Karivieri, had been on the windowsill for two weeks. Then Dr. Wiik had given order to throw it out, without investigation.

Fortunately some other samples were sent to other research labs, in Finland and in England. In the samples they found plant cell tissue plus calium, calsium, iron, cloridium and titanium. But there was no koli bacteria, that normal dishwater contains.

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