Lina Ivanovna Kravets Encounter

Lina Ivanovna Kravets Encounter
Lina Ivanovna Kravets Encounter

Date: August 17-20, 1953

Location: Shtanivka, Poltava Region Ukraine, Russia

Lina Ivanovna Kravets was going to visit her aunt when suddenly she noticed a silver globe, flying approximately 300' from her at an altitude of 150' from the ground. This was in the suburbs of her village, the globe started descending and vanished behind the houses. Around the same time another woman was outside her home by the well in her garden and had temporarily put her bucket down to rest when she spotted at the end of the garden, standing under an apple tree, 3 men, who were cutting down a branch with apples. She stared at the trio as they now approached a plum tree, then cherry tree. She also noticed that they were carrying ears of wheat, rye, millet in their hands and what appeared to be some clear plastic tubes and a small shovel.

One of them looked at her and said something to the others. All three then began looking at her. She looked back at them and said:

Well come to me, why are you standing, I will not scold you. You are such robust boys.

At first she had thought that they were thieves walking on stilts, stealing fruit from her garden.

They then approached her and she realized that they were not normal thieves. All were very tall, dressed in dark overalls. Gloves on hands and helmets on their heads. They were carrying a frog inside one of the transparent tubes, a lizard in the other, small fishes and butterflies in another tube. They faced each other in silence and soon one of them began speaking to her in heavily accented and bad Russian.

We are extraterrestrials, pointed up with his hand, We have flown from up there. We are looking for our people. Maybe, you know about them?

They were flying with good intentions, but we believe the humans annihilated them.

They could not have died themselves? She responded to them.

She asked them if they were Gods, since only the Gods lived up there.

They answered questioning her what Gods was she talking about and stated that up there, there was only their planet and they had come from there.

Puzzled and frightened the elderly woman began crossing herself.

They looked at her and said: Mom, Who do you consider God to be?

She replied that she thought they were God.

They smiled and said that they came from 4 planets, located not far from each other. That there were two other remote planets, but that they knew about them as well as ours, the Earth. They pointed out that they had frequent powerful storms and earthquakes. So they had discovered the Earth and had sent 3 men ahead but they had not returned. They thought that apparently the humans had shot them down. They had come searching for them, they wanted to now what had happened to them. They claimed that they had circled the globe 6 times but have not yet located them. They could not detect their signals as well. Therefore they thought that the humans must have them somewhere, if she knew would she tell them.

The poor woman, denied any knowledge of the missing extraterrestrials and could only say that we had had a recent war, that indeed maybe they were shot down. They then told her that they knew that we had constant wars, which is bad, that they had already eliminated all wars in their society. They knew all about humanity, they were constantly watching us. They then said that their civilization was much more powerful and rich than Earths, but that they had frequent natural calamities, and that our wars somehow influenced them. That is why we had to live in peace and help each other.

After that one of them took a bucket and filled it with water, put the water into one of the tubes and then poured some drops of an unknown liquid into it from some kind of vial. The water then turned pink, then blue in color and then transparent again.

They said:

The water is good, you can drink it.

After that, they ordered her to retrieve a Russian Orthodox icon from her house.

They then asked her:

Is this your God? and said that they had been flying up there for a long time and never had seen anything resembling the image on the icon. They have traveled for 3 years at the speed of light to come to our planet.

One of them asked her, how we calculated our days, months, and years. He said that they calculated time in light years and light days. He then returned the icon to her and told her not to be afraid, also asking her what was the normal life span on earth. After she answered, he told her that they also had animals and birds in their planet and their life span was about 150 years. They also had dwarf-like people and also people of average height. And that they were the taller race in their planet, she described them as about 11½' tall, with blue eyes, with a 3rd eye in the forehead, no clearly visible ears, but with small indentations where the ears would have been, big teeth. One of them then asked her why she had such fingers, she suffered from arthritis and the fingers were slightly bent.

One of them then unfastened a zipper in his glove revealing large pale hands with six digits and webbing between the fingers, resembling those of ducks.

He then said:

The time will come when every illness will be gone from you, He rubbed her hands and legs, the touch felt very cold to her. He then pointed to some firewood which she had been carrying and asked what its purpose was, she said that it was to bake bread. He then took out a kind of tube and pointed at one of the pieces of wood, and it immediately melted away, apparently from the high heat. He said that they carried such tubes for protection.

After that he told her to look to her left, as she did she saw a large glowing silver ball hovering above the ground and another tall man standing next to it. He told her that they had flown to earth in the silver globe. She walked with them to the road and put her icon back in the house and collected a bunch of flowers for the men as a present, but they did not accept the gift, they only took a petal from each of the flowers and put them into some type of orange cube. One of them approached the hovering craft and took out a piece of substance resembling bread, the size of a small coin, and told her that this was their bread. That it was very useful and that it preserved its qualities for a long time, she broke off a piece and found something dark inside, without smell. She dare not taste it and gave it back to the men. They then bid goodbye and told her not to tell anyone about them. They added that there was good sand approximately 160' from her house and that there was gold metal inside. They approached the globe, walking in a strange matter, waddling from side to side, as if it was difficult for them to walk. They entered the globe and waved their hands to her. The door closed and the craft ascended to the sky and shot away at incredible speed.

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