Bodnya Encounter

Bodnya Encounter

Date: June - 1947

Location: Kokshetau, Akmola, Kazakhstan, Russia

18 year old local herdsman, Alexey Romanovich Bodnya from a nearby collective farm noticed a brightly lit circle shining on the grass on the field, somehow resembling a micro-tornado. Next he heard a loud metal clicking sound and when he looked up he was stunned to see a disk shaped object about 80' in diameter, it was bright and shaped like 2 deep saucers joined together, with a transparent dome on top 4 prop-like landing legs protruded from the bottom and moved up and down in rhythm. The disk had a wide cylinder shaped protrusion on its bottom that resembled a nozzle about 16' in diameter. A bright red-yellow rotating flame like light was visible inside it. The surface of the disk was silver, almost mirror like, reflecting the ground and grass beneath it. Powerful searchlights could be seen on the craft as it approached for a landing. The disk seemed to be unstable as if its flight control mechanism had been damaged, unable to maintain a horizontal position.

Bodnya got the impression that the disk was going to tumble and crash, but it somehow managed to land safely. A ladder came out of the object and 3 entities descended from the bottom section of the disk, when the round hatch opened Bodnya clearly heard metal clacking. The entities were very tall, close to 10' in height. They looked very much alike almost like triplets. Their faces were elongated, large eyes, rounder than the humans, long noses, high foreheads, grayish bluish skin, and thin lips. They were dressed in silver reflecting tight-fitting overalls with head covering. One of the entities was obviously the leader, he was gigantic in stature with broad shoulders, at least 3' taller than the others, he wore a sort of apron in front with a light on his chest area. He was obviously giving orders to the others. The giant had even white teeth, wide dense brown, large beard, and light brown hair, light colored eyes and a powerful voice.

One of the younger crew members was obviously in great distress as a result of their misfortune and was mumbling something and crying. In a harsh tone the giant leader ordered him to stop. Bodnya could not understand a thing but the meaning was obvious. The transparent dome on top of the disk was lifted up in order to initiate the repair procedure. While being opened a melodic vibrating sound was heard. The witness noticed that the transparent dome was made out of some crystalline substance, extremely strong in appearance.

Bodnya was also sure that there was a 4th alien inside the disk, since the alien leader gave orders to someone inside using some kind of microphone. That crew member was possibly a female who remained onboard the craft at all times. All the entities wore some type of sophisticated device suspended on their chest area. The leader stood in the center and the other 2 one on each side as they conducted the repairs. Bodnya had observed the emergency landing and repair of the disk hiding behind some shrubs with his horse. Suddenly his horse snorted loudly this apparently gave away his location. The entities immediately shone a green beam of light in his direction. He received a clear impression that he had been photographed. They seemed very curious and seemed to be enjoying themselves, as they looked him and his horse over.

After that the giant leader looked straight at Bodnyas eyes and the 18-year old was suddenly able to hear the entities thoughts. The alien leader reproached him for hiding from them instead of greeting them like guests. His glance displayed kindness and understanding. He informed Bodnya that their craft had apparently been damaged by a lighting strike that affected their flight control mechanism.

Bodnya then said:

I invite you to eat, you must be hungry, I know what hunger is from my childhood.

The alien responded:

I see, I see, you are small but brave, and who is that, pointing at the horse.

That's my horse.

The alien then told the Bodnya that he was frightened of the horse and to leave it behind since he wanted to speak to him alone.

Bodnya roped his horse and the giant alien took him by his hands and sat him on the rim of the disk. Bodnya got so close to the alien that he was able to listen to its heartbeat. Soon Bodnya noticed a wolf slowly approaching his horse and yelled at the leader:

Look, a wolf!

In a moment the leader stretched his hand and emitted some kind or thunderous beam that killed the wolf instantly.

Where are you from? Asked Bodnya.

The giant answered by pointing at the sky and said:

From there.

Is there a God? Bodnya asked next.

A God? Maybe.

Answered the giant, who then asked Bodnya what was he doing there alone. He explained to the giant that he had been pasturing the bulls and horses.

Next Bodnya asked if he could look inside the craft, he was allowed to. Looking in he saw a long corridor leading inside the craft, some frame like walls and noticed that the ceiling was very high. He walked several steps into the craft but felt intense heat and nausea and could not continue.

The giant then said:

Come here.

Bodnya then rushed back and fell on the entities arms, he could not remember what happened next, he apparently lost consciousness and woke up again sitting on the grass watching at the repair operations.

He was sure he had been examined onboard and implanted with some type of device. The rest of the night he watched the entities finishing up their repairs. Bodnya noticed that the inner structure of the craft appeared very complicated filled with sophisticated equipment. After finishing their repairs the entities left behind a small cross-shaped metallic fragment, which Bodnya buried on the edge of the field intending to dig it out in the future. Unfortunately he was never able to return to the site and eventually moved to the Crimea. The fragment apparently is still in the area now. The disk rose up and zoomed up to the sky at incredible speed disappearing from sight in a moment. Clear landing traces were left, observed by the other collective farmers whom he brought to visit the place the next day.

He was threatened not to tell anyone of what he had seen. In 1990 while living in the hamlet of Molodezhnyi in the Crimea, Bodnya one night was sitting down drinking tea when he was enveloped by the same green beam of light he had seen years earlier. At this point, Bodnya was able to ensue telepathic contact with entities, this was possible because he had been implanted with a small communications device in 1947. The entities informed Bodnya that their planet was sterile and that they were vegetarians and that they had a base on the moon, which was covered with a transparent glass dome. They expressed contempt towards the human race and refused to reveal the location or name of their home planet.

They confirmed to Bodnya that there was life after death and predictive coming catastrophes that would affect humanity. When Bodnya asked them why didn't they contact humanity openly, their curious answer was, "Why don't humans contact those in an insane asylum?"

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