UFO Crashes on Botswana/South Africa Border

UFO Crashes on Botswana/South Africa Border
UFO Crashes on Botswana/South Africa Border

Date: May 7, 1989

Location: Kalahari Desert, South Africa

At 13h45 GMT, a naval frigate radioed Cape Town naval headquarters to report a UFO that appeared on radar scopes, heading toward the African continent in a north westerly direction at a calculated speed of 6,600 mph. Naval headquarters acknowledged and confirmes that object was also tracked by air born radar, military ground radar installations and D.F. Malan international airport at Cape Town.

The object entered South African air space at 13h52 GMT. Radio contact was attempted with object, but all communications to object proved futile. Valhalla Air Force Base was notified and 2 Mirage fighters were scrambled. The object suddenly changed course at great speed which would be impossible for military aircraft to duplicate.

At 13h59 GMT the squadron leader reported that that had radar and visual confirmation of the object. The order was given to arm and fire the two experimental aircraft mounted Thor II laser canons at object. This was done.

The squadron leader reported that several blinding flashes eminated from the object. the object started wavering whilst still heading in a northerly direction. At 14h02 it was reported that the object was decreasing altitude at a rate of 3000 fpm. Then at great speed it dived at an angle of 25° and impacted in desert terrain 50 miles north of the South African border with Botswana, Identified as the Central Kalahari Desert. the squadron leader was instructed to circle the area until a retrieval of the object was complete. A team of Air Force intelligence officers together with medical and technical staff were promptly taken to area of impact for investigation and retreival.

A well known UK magazine called Quest International printed a Special Edition regarding this incident. According to their reporter, a joint operation between the South African Air Force, S.A.A.F. and the United States Air Force, U.S.A.F. was mounted. The operation was dubbed Operation Silver Diamond, its aim was to recover the occupants and the debris resulting from the crash.

A former United States Lieutenant Colonel is even quoted explaining how one of his informants told him that the UFO would be exchanged for advanced technology that would be given to the South African government by the United States government. Physical evidence of the crash is in the form of a printed photocopy of a response to a query from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base that refers to a satellite re-entry on May 7, 1989 and a confirmation of a fireball or satellite re-entry, in the same area on said date.

Two independent researchers, Dr. J. Hurtak, American ufologist and Professor of Science, and J. Von Buttlara, a German researcher, conducted their own enquiries, and both came to the conclusion that a crash landing had indeed taken place in the Kalahari Desert. The incident was also confirmed by Dithoko Seiso, Botswana’s Environment Minister in a 1993 report in the Cape Town daily newspaper called: The Argus. The report also brought attention to the alleged cover up and disinformation exercise coming from international forces. Researchers attempting to uncover the truth have been met with missing pieces of information.

The incident has also sparked interest around a South African underground military research base simply called Camp 13. The camp is said to be located in the Kalahari Desert and the rumor is that it is used as a laser weapons research facility. Some researchers have attributed responsibility of the UFO shooting to this camp adding that the Mirage jet fighters were simply used to herd the craft in the camps general direction.

The fact that information regarding the crash was found to be either missing or destroyed creates a strong atmosphere of suspicion. Nonetheless, the printed photocopy that points to the evidence of a satellite entering the airspace is still out there. If there was indeed a crash in the Kalahari Desert, do the public not deserve to know about it? Unidentified aircrafts and underground military bases point to a lot of secret activity being undertaken by the government. How many of these still exist and at which point will the public begin to have access to a more in-depth report about government activities?

These types of revelations hint as to how much more strange things may be going on that we know nothing about. Secret South Africa will continue to strive to reveal the hidden truths out there in society waiting to be laid bare.

The following could not be verified, It possibly could not be factual, Please read it with a grain of salt. Some retrieval or investigation information was: 1. A crater of 500' in diameter and 40' in depth. 2. A silver colored object 45° embedded in side of crater. 3. Around the object sand and rock were fused together by the intense heat.

4. An intense magnetic and radioactive environment around object resulted in electronic failure in equipment.

5. It was suggested by team leaders, that object be moved to a classified location for further investigation.

6. The area of impact was filled with sand and rubble to disguise all evidence of this event having ever taken place.

7. Type of craft: Unknown, suspected extraterrestrial.

8. Origin: unknown, suspected extraterrestrial.

9. Identifible markings: none, curious insignia forged into side of craft.

10.Dimensions: length: 60' approximate. Height: 28½' approximate. weight: 55 tons approximate.

11.Material construction: unknown, pending laboratory results. Outer surface of object flawless polished, smooth silver color. no visible seams noted on outer surface of craft.

12.Sourse of propulsion: Unknown, pending laboratory results.

Notes: A hydraulic type landing gear was fully deployed suggesting that electronic malfunction had caused the object to crash. This may have been due to the Thor II laser cannon fired at the craft.

Two humanoid entities were found in the craft after the object was opened up with hydraulic pressure equipment.

Preliminary medical report on humanoid entities:

Origin: Unknown, suspected extraterrestrial.

Height: 4' to 4½'.

Complexion: Grayish/blue, Skin texture: Smooth, extremely resilient .

Hair: None

Head: Oversize in relation to human proportions. Raised cranium with dark blue markings extending around head.

Face: Prominent cheek bones.

Eyes: Large and slanted upwards towards side of face, no pupils seen.

Nose: Consisting of two nostrils.

Mouth: Small slit devoid of lips.

Jaw: Small in relation to human proportion.

Ears: None observed.

Neck: Very thin in relation to human proportion .

Body/arms: Long and thin reaching just above the knees.

Hands: Consisting of 3 digits, webbed, claw like nails.

Torso: Chest and abdomen coveres in scaly ribbed skin.

Hips: Small narrow.

Legs: Short and thin.

Gentitals: No exterior sexual organs.

Feet: Consisting of three toes, no nails and webbed.

Note: Due to the aggresive nature of the humanoids, no samples of blood or tissue could be taken. One humanoid attacked the doctor causing deep scratch marks on face and chest. When offered various foods, they refused to eat.

Method of communication: Suspected telepathic.

Humanoids are being kept in detention at leval 6 of Air Force base.

One way passage has been requested for both humanoids to Wright-Patterson AFB for more advanced investigation and and research.

A: No conclusion has been reached. Awaiting results of investigations.

B: The object and humanoids will be moved to Wright-Patterson AFB for more advanced investigation and research.

C: Date of passage June 23, 1989.

Notes and updates on South African situation, Robert N. Wright.

A year has passed since the first reports started filtering in to us on the South African crash retrieval case. Most of what we hear on this case smacks of disinformation but for the sake of reporting all new developments on the UFO scene, it must be reported. During the retrival attempt two South African helicopters crashed due to a reported energy field surounding the craft, all crew members perished in the retrival attempt.

A partical beam weapon called the Thor II laser cannon, an experimental weapon was used to bring the craft down. it was mounted on a Mirage fighter.

Earlier reports of us military personel on board this UFO have proven unfounded.

The United States worked out a deal with the South African government, involving advanced weapons in exchange for the downed UFO and the aliens.

There was supposedly a third entity which was killed when the UFO was brought down by the partical beam weapon,

South African intelligence officer's cover is blown, his name is Captain James Van Grunen, he has since defected and is living in Germany. Reportedly it is he who first exposed project Black Horse.

The UFO was also tracked on radar by NORAD on May 7, 1989.

The humanoids were moved from South Africa to Wright-Patterson in a cooling unit to make them less active and agressive.

Hieroglyphic writing was found on the craft, and on various craft parts. It is rumored that cryptoloists have deciphered the aliens alphabet.

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