The Hadhayosh is a land creature from ancient Persian mythology said to have been created by a meticulous god of the forge. Legend has it that the bodies of these creatures possess the uncanny ability to grant eternal life, the divine right to rule, and above all, the attention of the Gods.

The Hadhayosh resembles a gigantic ox with a skin made of polished brass and a mane of pure flames. Six huge solid brass horns sprout from the creatures' head with one pair at the sides like that of a common ox while the other two pairs curve frontwards like that of some accursed demon. Each Hadhayosh is said to be exactly 52' tall and weighing approximately 57 tons. The precision of proportion for all these creatures gives more evidence to support the theory that the Hadhayosh were created by a very precise god of the forge.

Despite their massive size and incredible power, the Hadhayosh behave very much similarly like the modern mundane ox, spending most part of their lifetime wandering around grazing. Their behavior and habits are although quite peculiar and interesting to study. Their bodies seem to require a very little amount of food for a creature so vast feeding on only the foliage of a few trees to keep them going for weeks. They also possess the sustenance against any type of liquid they drink or touch, for instance, hot magma. The Hadhayosh, for reasons beknownst to them, avoid visiting a place twice and leaving it for at least an year before coming back to it. Although seeming harmless, the Hadhayosh can charge and attack ferociously if threatened, and only the mightiest dragon would dare challenge them.

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