Polish USO Crash Survivors

Polish USO Crash Survivors
Polish USO Crash Survivors

Date: January 21, 1959

Location: Gdynia, Poland

A luminous object was seen to fall into the harbor of Gdynia, divers set to reach it brought back a piece of unrusted metal whose composition is not publicly known.

Several days later, a strange male figure wearing a sort of uniform was encountered dragging himself along the beach, part of his face & hair appeared to be burnt. On taking him to a hospital, it was found that the uniform was of metal, and that the being’s organs were quite different from ours, the numbers of fingers & toes also different.

The creature died after an armband was removed, its body was sent to the USSR.

An autopsy revealed a different structure of internal organs and a spiral system of blood circulation. It had six fingered extremities and was about 5' 3" in height. The body was stored in a frozen container and stored in an underground bunker apparently in the Moscow area.

Apparently divers found half of the object embedded in the mud under the water. According to information later uncovered, in fact, not one, but two alien bodies were recovered on the shore within the short time gap between recoveries. One of the aliens was dead, while the second gave signs of life and remained alive for a long time.

He was examined in the Gdynia-Redlow hospital and soon fell into a coma like state after an arm bracelet was removed. The aliens had six digits on their hands and feet. An autopsy was conducted on one of the dead aliens, the second one, the one in coma like state, was put in a special chamber aimed to support its vital functions. The six fingered being from Gdynia, the one taken to the USSR the other apparently remained in Poland at an undisclosed location, is still stored in an isolated top secret underground bunker located under a building on the territory of the biomedical research facility center east of Solnechnogorsk, together with other alien bodies.

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