Possible Crash Or Retrieval Off The Coast Of Spain

Possible Crash Or Retrieval Off The Coast Of Spain
Possible Crash Or Retrieval Off The Coast Of Spain

Date: 1960's

Location: Off the Coast of Spain

I have some information concerning a possible extraterrestrial craft that crashed off the coast of Spain sometime in the 1960s, which was salvaged commandeered by NATO and sent to the USA to be studied by USAF analysts and scientists.

A late friend of mine who died in the summer of 1995, Gary Scott Csillaghegyi, formerly Gary Benson, discussed this with me and others before he died.

Gary was born in Ohio in 1942, was raised near Holbrook, AZ, attended college with a BSc in celestial mechanics at Amherst, worked as an astronomer assistant at Flagstaff Observatory after graduating from Amherst, applied for a Master's in planetary science at UCLA, went into Air Force Intelligence as a linguist and translator and eventually was tapped for the NASA Mars Program, which eventually was trashed, which broke my friend's heart, as an astronomer astronaut trainee, and finally became a priest after the NASA program folded.

While he was in the Air Force, because he was a superb linguist and planetary scientist he was tapped for what may have been the original Aurora Project, the purpose of which was to study the craft that had been pulled up from the drink off Spain, try to duplicate it and its functions if at all possible, and learn whatever was possible about whatever beings may have flown it. On board there was found what was for all the world a manual of operations, written in totally unknown hieroglyphics. It was the task of Gary and his colleagues on that project to try to translate the thing, with the aid of computers.

Before they got very far, Gary, who wanted to go public about the whole thing, came into conflict with his superiors, who threatened to court martial him if he ever told anyone about it, and was given a general discharge from the Air Force, rather than being court martialed and sent to Leavenworth, in exchange for a vow of total silence on the whole subject. He may also have undergone some form of conditioning to keep him quiet, he was considered very valuable, and this may have decided his superiors to give him a way to avoid Leavenworth, and maybe termination with extreme prejudice, in which case I see no malice in such conditioning, though it did badly mess him up on an emotional level.

At any rate, he told no one about this until a few months before his death from a heart attack in 1995, he was terrified of being tried for treason if he should talk about it before then, but by that point I think he was aware he didn't have much longer to go, so why not?

I was one of the people he told about it. Among other things, when I asked him what sort of beings may have been aboard the thing, which, by the way, was enormous, containing a number of smaller, saucer shaped weekender lifeboat thingees in its bays, he said that judging from what he'd seen of the furnishings aboard it, they were like nothing we know of on Earth.

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