Fluorescence Observation of the Abduction Kind

Fluorescence Observation of the Abduction Kind
Fluorescence Observation of the Abduction Kind

In July 1997, a 38 year old female abductee exhibiting a bright orange fluorescence on her body was examined and skin and hair samples were taken for analysis. The fluorescent areas included the chest, neck, face, tongue, up the nostril, pubic and vaginal area. In this particular case, the fluorescence faded very slowly, and has lasted at least six months to date. By October and November 1997 the fluorescence still remained. Certain areas, namely, the woman’s face, chest and pubic area fluoresced more brightly periodically. The woman does not recall the encounters clearly, and is not sure whether the recurring fluorescence has occurred as a result of alien encounters.

She has gone to her physician and asked what could cause this, and the doctor is also baffled. It appears that her body is naturally producing this fluorescence and is cyclic. The fluorescence can be exuded from her facial pores. This particular fluorescence case is unusual in its length of retaining the fluorescence, and cyclic reappearance of bright orange areas on the body.

Hair samples were taken and analyzed at a large scientific laboratory in the United States. The scientists who performed the analysis wish to remain anonymous because they tested the samples as a favor and are afraid to lose their jobs if the company superiors find out. Because we must do whatever we can by favors without payment, we will maintain confidentiality to protect the scientists who conducted such tests.

The tests revealed that the orange fluorescent compound in question is similar to a type of laser dye used in some medical applications. However, the subject had not had such medical applications done, and this is an enigma. A negative control was also tested alongside, and found not to contain the laser dye like compound.

Four more fluorescent samples were also sent for analysis, one of which is a repeat of the above mentioned orange fluorescence, and three others of different colors from other abductee subjects. The results were inconclusive as to the identity of the materials tested. Two out of the four samples tested which fluoresced green appeared to be the same type of compound, exhibiting the same excitation and emission wavelength maximas on a fluoromentric scan.

In other cases where fluorescence was observed post abduction, the luminescence remained from 2 to 14 days. There were only two other cases in which a bright orange fluorescence was observed in abductees. One, a female reported bright orange dots all over face, neck chest, and tongue, the highest concentrated areas on the face and a bright orange patch on center of front of tongue. In none of these cases did the fluorescence remain for a long period of time and have a cyclic reappearance, as the aforementioned recent case.

Fluorescence Observation of a different Kind:

In Katy Frankovich’s Lime Grove Encounters, she observed a brilliant green fluorescence seeping through the corners and sides of her living room walls from the ceiling and downward at the beginning of an alien encounter. The beings were the six fingered 4' 6" Grey aliens. The fluorescence infused a portion of Kt’s living room and seemed to respond to a 3 dimensional physical structure and fall from gravity effects. It was described between a fog and liquid. As the encounter proceeded, the fluorescence faded. The entities were away from the fluorescence.

In another case, a brilliant green/yellow area on a linoleum bathroom floor. It appeared after small 3' 6" aliens appeared on the scene of an abduction.

Following another alien encounter, This same abductee reported a bright, white bleached area in several areas of the bedroom carpet allegedly where the aliens had stood The carpet is a beige tan color and was not bleached out prior to the abduction. A large white bleached area was reported next to the abductees bed, a portion under the bed, at the foot side of the bed and a small area in another part of the living room.

In another recent case, an abductee observed a greenish smoky color coming from cracks in the walls where aliens had entered the bedroom during an abduction.

From these cases, it appears that the greenish fluorescence precedes or remains after the appearance of the materialization of the Greys or at the same time as their appearance. It then disappears or fades. This is the color most often observed in post abduction skin fluorescence. The search for the truth continues. The process can be sped up with adequate funding for such scientific analysis, so we don’t have to rely on favors from scientists who are afraid to lose their jobs if their superiors find out that they have been involved in UFOlogy and alien abduction research.

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