Abducted, And A Lifetime Of UFO Experiences

Abducted, And A Lifetime Of UFO Experiences

Date: July 7, 1952

Location: Evergreen, CO

I was 8 years old and saw a craft on the ground in the woods. I remember standing under it. I don't remember how i got inside of it, but I wasn't scared as long as the small person with the large eyes was near me. I saw panel boards in an area. I also saw a baby about one year old on a table with an amber clear circled object in front of it. The baby was scared for a moment, until the large eyed being stopped in front of it.

I saw another area with taller beings that I called the elders. I also saw a hunanoid type man, that I will never forget. I saw a girl on a table with a clear thing over her head where she was laying. I saw a room with tables and a ceiling with pulseing lights in it. In 1985 I went to a hyptnotist because all my life the incidents came back in my dreams and thoughts. Until I was crying a lot. After seeing the hyptnoyist I realized it had happened to me. And I had seen more since my incident. Once they got into my head and told me to to go to a place called Giant Rock airport in the desert, where I had never been before. But somehow I never got lost and I had three other people with me. We all saw the ship that night. There is just one thing that I don't understand. When I see the ships they don't look strange to me. It is as if I know them. Somehow I feel apart of them, like I have been there before. I don't understand it, But the ships I have seen in my lifetime don't seem alien, it is like there is something I have to remember so that I can remember it all.

Honest, I'm not crazy, this has been happening to me all my life. now I am worried because one came over my home in Gonzales, LA, when I wasn't home and all 5 of my children saw it. And my babysitter was so scared that she did not come back to visit me for a year. I know we are not alone in Gods vast universe, I just wish I could understand what is happening. I know they are real, and now so do my children, that scares me. why my children too?

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