Incident at Ellsworth AFB

Incident at Ellsworth AFB
Incident at Ellsworth AFB

Date: November 16, 1977

Location: Ellsworth AFB, South of Rapid City, SD

Two security officers responded to the alarm, to be confronted with two EBE's. At this point they challenged them, and one of the entities responded by firing a pulse of white light from an object it was holding. The light struck Security Officer Rake's weapon, causing it to disintegrate, burning his hands, Officer Jenkins returned fire at the EBE's. They once again responded with another beam of light, narrowly missing the guards, the two security guards called an A1013, distress call, to Lime Control.

Jenkins again challenged the individuals, but they refused to stop. Jenkins fired two rounds, hitting one intruder in the back, the other in the helmet, both intruders fell to the ground. After approximately 15 seconds the intruders returned to an upright position, firing flashes of light once again.

Rake was treated at the base hospital by a Captain, whose name was illegible. He was treated for 2nd and 3rd degree radiation burns to each hand. Rake was air lifted to an undisclosed destination and his M16 rifle could not be found at the scene.

The Air Force appointed a special team of individuals to investigate the Ellsworth incident. I was one of those individuals. I am still on active duty, so I cannot state my name at this time.

The incident which occurred on November 16th, 1977 was classified Top Secret on December 2nd, 1977. I obtained a copy of the original report, I believed at the time that the Air Force would hush the whole thing up, they did. The Air Force ordered the silence on December 1st, 1977, the report became classified information.

There were 16 pictures taken at the scene, I do not have access to the pictures. The report was stamped: For Official Use Only, by the Commander of the 44th Missile Security Squadron at Ellsworth Air Force Base, near Rapid City, SD.

The incident was described as a Helping Hand, security violation, Covered Wagon, security violation, at Lima 9, 68th SMSq Area, 7 miles south west of Nisland, SD.

The recipient of the report was identified as Paul D Hinzman, SSgt, US Air Force, Comm/Plotter, Wing Security Control.

Two security Airmen 1st Class, Kenneth Jenkins and Wayne E. Rakes, experienced and reported the incident. It was investigated by Captain Larry D. Stokes and TSgt Robert E. Stewart. The document told an incredible story.

At 10:59 p.m. on November 16th, an alarm sounded from the Lima 9 missile site. Jenkins and Rake, at the Lima Launch Control Facility 35 miles away, were dispatched to the scene. On their arrival Rake set out to check the rear fence line.

There he spotted a helmeted figure in a glowing green metallic suit. The figure pointed a weapon at Rake's rifle and caused it to disintegrate, burning his hand and arms in the process. Rake summoned Jenkins, who carried his companion back to their Security Alert Team vehicle.

When Jenkins went to the rear fence line, he saw two similarly garbed figures. He ordered them to halt, but when they ignored his command, he opened fire. His bullets struck one in the shoulder and the other in the helmet. The figures ran over a hill and were briefly lost to view. Jenkins pursued them and when he next saw them, they were entering a 20' diameter saucer shaped object, which shot away over the horizon. As Rake was air evacuated from the scene, investigators discovered that the missile's nuclear components had been stolen.

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