The Dover Lights

The Dover Lights
The Dover Lights

First Observed: Unknown

Location: Dover, AR

Located about 17 miles outside Dover, Arkansas, The Dover Lights can be viewed on almost a nightly basis. Just off of Highway 7, down a lonely, dark stretch of a dirt road, is a scenic area where the lights can be seen from. During the day, this is a beautiful sight, a scene of a green Arkansas valley, still untouched by man. At the base of the valley lays a waterway known as Long Pool which is popular for canoeing and fishing. On the other side of Long Pool, is the mountainous area where the lights are seen during the dark hours of the night. At night, the area is very dark with no source of man-made light. It begins to emit a more eerie feeling as darkness falls in and the only light is the moon itself. It is often said that the lights would respond to other sources of light and to sounds.

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