John Day Family Abduction & Missing Time

John Day Family Abduction & Missing Time

Date: October - 1974

Location: Essex, England

Returning home with his wife and children, John Day, who had no belief whatsoever in UFOs or aliens, had an encounter that would change his mind forever.

The journey should have taken only 30 minutes, getting the family home at around 9:45 p.m. They arrived as normal, left the car and got the children ready for bed. As they were doing so, John realized the time was almost 1:00 a.m. their journey had seemingly taken them over three hours.

Over the coming days, all members of the family began to experience terrifying nightmares so intense they were afraid to go to sleep. John and his wife, Susan, also had a perpetual feeling of anxiety and confusion.

John, on the advice of a local UFO report group, contacted Leonard Wilder, a hypnotist who was familiar with such cases of missing time. Under hypnosis, John spoke of driving into a strange bright mist that had suddenly fallen from the sky. A bright light began to descend into a nearby field, which then shot towards the car. The whole vehicle was lifted onto another object, that John described as a spaceship.

Even under hypnosis, John’s memories were hazy. He recalled a metal arm swinging over him, as well as feeling as if he was being poked by sharp instruments. He also recalled that the spaceship had furniture that was molded to the walls with no obvious seams.

The next memory he had is of driving his family onto his driveway.

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