Wanna Take A Ride?

Wanna Take A Ride?
Wanna Take A Ride?

Date: January - 1975

Location: Near Bogotá Colombia

Enrique Castillo was again summoned to an isolated location and met his alien friend named Cyril. There they board a craft that took them to an alien submarine base located deep down in the Marianas Trench in the North Pacific Ocean.

Castillo reported being taken via a subterranean passage, illuminated by a strange light, which was let into the floor, covered in transparent tiles, giving the impression they were in full sunlight. Arriving at one of the bends they were confronted by a magnificent view and a fascinating spectacle.

They had come out into a sort of artificial crater about 650' in circumference, set in the rounded top of the Andes mountains. Immediately they were guided towards a craft, which approached with a slight oscillation and landed some 65' from the group, tripod landing legs having appeared from the underside. Cyril beckoned the group to follow him. Steps came out from the side of the craft and a man like figure wearing a loose fitting mustard colored outfit greeted them.

Inside the object another crew member offered the group seats in a semicircular area, giving them a clear view of everything through a glass like screen in the dome. Soon the craft took off slowly, almost vertically. They could hear no sound nor was there any sensation of movements. Very soon the great mass of the Andes faded into the distance. 10 minutes later Cyril informed the group they were already over the Pacific Ocean, coming towards an area known as the Marianas Trench. Deep down they came upon a huge dome on the ocean floor and they entered it. They landed and the ship’s door opened and they were instructed to go down slowly one by one. A strange scene, strange trees and vegetation, walkways, lounges with glass walls, structures in what seemed like granite and metal and other unknown plants met them.

They were guided into a building and entered a large room or hall in which there were easy chairs. A viewing panel opened in the wall. An opening was revealed on another side of the glass wall, and a man appeared, seated. He was described as young with an abundant head of almost yellow hair, reaching down to his shoulders. He was wearing a light blue, very simple overall. He had some insignia on the chest. Castillo was told that this man was the head of the base. He addressed the group, telepathically:

You’ve been brought here because your planet is threatened by dark forces, and at the same time by a possible cataclysm having great repercussions preceded by various calamities.

After about two hours he was returned back to the location where he was originally picked up.

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