The Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt
Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt
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Date: September 4, 1964

Location: Cisco Grove, CA

Three men had gone bow hunting in the forest near Cisco Grove, CA. One of the men, Mr. D. Shrum, became lost and climbed a tree. It was then, at around 10:00 p.m., that he noticed a domed object with a blinking light on top descend and land. Two short humanoid beings, wearing silvery white coveralls, and a robot looking creature got out and approached his location. They attempted to climb the tree after him in an apparent effort to capture him, but were unsuccessful. The robot released a vapor that drifted up to him and made him groggy, but before he lost consciousness he was able to tie himself to the tree trunk with his belt. He shot arrows at the robot, but the arrows just bounced off and caused no damage.

The beings remained in the area, as far as he could tell, for most of the night. He stayed in the tree for 11 hours. Shrum lost consciousness several times and in the morning, the figures and craft were gone. Shrum’s story was not without corroboration. Upon reuniting with his friends, one of the hunters revealed that he also saw a bright, large light swoop down at low altitude and dart across the sky. The 3 also remarked upon the coincidence that the government was already in the area looking for an alleged meteorite. Shrum’s wife saw him immediately after the incident and confirmed that he was badly traumatized and covered with scratches.

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