Family Abducted

Family Abducted
Family Abducted

Date: March 7, 1987

Location: Ping Wu, Szechwan Province, China

A family of three, including a young child was awakened by a loud high-pitched hum coming from outside their small home. All went outside to investigate and were nearly blinded by a beam of yellowish light coming from a huge reddish orange object shaped like a straw hat that hovered above them, slowly spinning. The hum grew louder and all 3 had a strange floating sensation then blacked out.

They all woke up and found themselves strapped to steel tables in a circular room. The woman began screaming then a tiny hatchway opened in the wall and five 3' humanoid creatures stepped into the room. They were human in shape but with featureless faces with 3 huge whitish eyes on their foreheads. Their skin appeared transparent and bluish in color. The creatures said nothing as they proceeded to remove blood from the arms of all abductees. They then inserted long needles into their knees and ankle joints. The husband and the child appeared to have been in a trance-like state during the incident. Electrode like devices were taped to their skulls and the woman was again able to hear the loud high-pitched hum that they initially heard outside their home. One of the beings made an incision on the childs thigh that was immediately healed by a pencil like device that was passed over it.

Moments later the room became dark and everything began spinning.

Their next conscious memory was walking on a roadside 7 miles from their home.

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