Chengdu Incident

Chengdu Incident
Chengdu Incident

Date: July 18, 1947

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan province in Southwest China

On July 18, 1947 a farmer was working when he discovered two boxes wrapped in aluminum.The boxes were approximately 13" long, under the box is a hydrogen ball. The farmer quickly gave the square object to the Sichuan University physics department.

At the time, the head of the physics department started the research. He decided it was a flying object broken body. On July 26, 1947 the news was reported to the 9th division police department from Sichuan University.

After the university reported to the police, head of the department went to investigate in person. He said it was a US air measurement device. At the time there were also US Air Force personnel stationed in Chengdu.

The police then requested Cheng Zim-hon to draw up some info about the object. The top of the box was made with a plastic of transparent white glass and other instrument like descriptions. Sichuan province police head gave the info to Chongqing telegraph.

The report did not mention anything about a flying object.

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