List of Known Bermuda Triangle At Sea Events

List of Known Bermuda Triangle At Sea Events
List of Known Bermuda Triangle At Sea Events

A list of Known Bermuda Triangle At Sea Events:

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1492-1940 At Sea Events
1492 - Christopher Columbus reported strange lights and strange compass readings.
1609 - The Sea Venture got wrecked near the eastern end of Bermuda Island. The commander of the fleet Sir George Somers and his crew came ashore and were the first to start human settlement in the island.
1779 - Thomas Lynch, Jr. . The first recorded instance of strange happenings in the Bermuda Triangle area was when Thomas Lynch, Jr., and his wife disappeared while sailing to the West Indies in 1779. Lynch was a representative of   South Carolina and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
1800 - USS Pickering disappeared on August 20, 1800, with a crew of 90, en route to Guadeloupe in the West Indies from Newcastle, Delaware.
1812 - Theodosia Burr Alston was the daughter of former United States Vice President Aaron Burr. Her disappearance has been cited at least once in relation to the Triangle. She was a passenger on board the Patriot, which sailed   from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City on December 30, 1812, and was never heard of again.
1814 - The USS Wasp mysteriously disappeared in the Caribbean in October 1814
1814 - The USS Epervier and her crew disappeared while carrying the peace treaty to end the war between America and the North African Barbary States.
1824 - Schooner USS Wildcat lost with all hands in a gale while sailing between Cuba and Thompson's Island, West Indies. Approximately 31 drowned. October 28, 1824.
1840 - November 6, The Rosalie, a large French ship, bound from Hamburg to Havana, abandoned ship, no clue to an explanation. Most of the sails set, no leak, valuable cargo. There was a half-starved canary in a cage.
1855 - The schooner James B. Chester was found floating in the ocean. The crew was missing but there was no sign of struggle, and the lifeboats were still in place.
1872 - Mary Celeste, known as one of the ghost ships of Bermuda Triangle, Mary Celeste had many misadventures even before her mystery voyage in 1872.
1880 - HMS Atalanta. A crew of 281 died when this 26-gun frigate went missing after leaving Bermuda for Falmouth, England.
1881 - The Ellen Austin on its voyage in 1881 came across another ship that was sailing without a single soul on board. Ellen Austin transferred some of its crew onto the other ship and attempted to sail with it to New York. The other ship   suddenly disappeared. Later it re-appeared, but again without a person on board. Then it again disappeared without trace.
1908 - The bark Baltimore was lost - vanished east of Hampton Roads, Virginia, on January 22, 1908 with a company of nine.
1908 - The schooner George R. Vreeland was lost - vanished east of Hampton Roads, Virginia, on January 27, 1908 with a company of 7.
1909 - On September 18th, 1909, the American wooden schooner George Taulane, Jr., left Belfast, Ga, and went missing, with a company of 7. She was not heard of ever since.
1909 - The schooner Martha S. Bement was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 16, 1909 with a company of 7.
1909 - The schooner Maggie S. Hart was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 18, 1909 with a company of 8.
1909 - The schooner Auburn was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 23, 1909 with a company of 9.
1909 - The schooner Anna R. Bishop was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 25, 1909 with a company of 7.
March 15, 1910 - The USS Nina was an iron screw steamer built for the US Navy in 1865. She spent much of her life as a tugboat, though she also served as a torpedo boat, a torpedo boat tender, and a submarine tender. She was the first steam powered navy vessel to disappear in the Devil's Triangle. 33 drowned.
March 26, 1910 - Charles W. Parker - A fishing schooner that disappeared east of the southern Jersey coast with 17 persons.
December 17, 1913 - The schooner George A. Lawry was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, with a company of 6.
January 29, 1914 - The schooner Benjamin F. Poole was lost - vanished east of Wilmington, North Carolina, with a company of 8.
February 27, 1914 - The schooner Fitz J. Babson was lost - vanished east of Jacksonville, Florida, with a company of 7.
April 10, 1915 - Bertha L. Basker, A freighter that disappeared while en route from New York to St. Martin.
April 20, 1915 - The schooner Maude B. Krum was lost - vanished east of St. Andrews, Florida, with a company of 7.
November 3, 1916 - Brown Brothers, or Brown Bros. - A bark that disappeared east of Savannah Georgia with 12 persons on board.
March 6, 1917, Timandra - A freighter that vanished east of Norfolk Virginia with 19 persons on board.
1918 - USS Cyclops left Brazil on February 16, 1918. On March 3 and 4, she was known to be in the Barbados. This was the last that was ever seen or heard of the USS Cyclops.
January 4, 1919 - Bayard Hopkins, A schooner that disappeared east of Norfolk Virginia with 6 persons.
February 20, 1920 - Amelia Zeman, A schooner that disappeared east of Norfolk, Virginia with 9 persons.
April 18, 1920 - William O'Brien, New wooden steamship, 3143 tons, going from New York to Rotterdam.
October 1, 1920 - Albyan, Russian bark sailing from Norfolk, Virginia
1921 - Carroll A. Deering was a 5 masted commercial schooner that was found run aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Its crew went missing. The Deering is one of the most written about maritime mysteries in   history, with claims that it was a victim of the Bermuda Triangle, although the evidence points towards a mutiny or possibly piracy.
1925 - The SS Cotopaxi was a tramp steamer named after the Cotopaxi stratovolcano. She vanished in December 1925, while en route from Charleston, South Carolina, United States, to Havana, Cuba, with all hands
1941 - USS Proteus was lost at sea to an unknown cause sometime after November 23, 1941. There are no German U-boat claims for this vessel. One outlandish theory is that the vessel's disappearance can be attributed   to the Bermuda Triangle. A more likely explanation is a design flaw in the ship.
1950-1959 At Sea Events
1952 - British York transport
1953 - Navy Trainer
1954 - US Navy Lockheed Super Constellation
1960-1969 At Sea Events
February 4, 1963 - SS Marine Sulphur Queen 524' carrier of molten sulphur started sail February 2, 1963 from Beaumont, Texas with 39 crew. It was reported lost in Florida Straits.
December 22, 1967 - Witchcraft A 23' cabin cruiser went missing for ever in Bermuda Triangle. The owner took it offshore only to watch the lights of Miami shoreline.
1962 - USAF KB-50 Aerial Tanker  
1962 - C-133 Cargomaster  
1963 - USAF KC-135 Stratotankers  
1963 - USAF KC-135 Stratotankers  
1964 - Piper Apache  
1964 - Cessna 140  
1965 - USAF C-119 Flying Boxcar  
1965 - Beechcraft c18s  
1965 - Cessna 182  
1965 - Ercoupe F01  
1965 - Piper Cherokee  
1966 - Converted Cargo B-25  
1966 - Piper Commanche    
1967 - Chase YC-122  
1967 - Beechcraft Bonanza  
1967 - Piper Cherokee  
1967 - Cherokee  
1967 - Piper Cherokee  
1967 - Cherokee  
1967 - Cessna 182  
1967 - Cherokee  
May 22, 1968 - USS Scorpion - SSN-589, was a Nuclear powered submarine of United States Navy that disappeared in Bermuda Triangle.
1968 - Cessna 180  
1969 - Piper Comanche  
1969 - Beechcraft 95-c55  
1969 - Douglas DC-4  
1970-1979 At Sea Events
March, 23, 1973 Defiance - 88' Yacht, derelict, near Cap du Mole, St. Nicholas, Haiti. 4 persons on board.
August 5, 1975 - Rich business man hired a ship to travel around the world for a year, after succeeding in his new business
March 1974 - The 54' yacht Saba Bank was on an extended Bahamian cruise. For a major part of it, the course was over the aquamarine waters of the shallow Grand Bahama Bank and the deep Tongue of the Ocean. It was her maiden voyage, and it began from Nassau on March 10, 1974. March weather is usually good. The weather was fair, very nice indeed.
1976 - The Sylvia L. Ossa, a 590' ore carrier with a crew of 37 disappeared 140 miles from Bermuda.
1974 - Pilattus-Brittan-Norman Islander
1974 - Piper PA-32
1974 - Beech K35 Bonanza  
1975 - Piper PA-30  
1975 - Cessna Skymaster  
1975 - Cessna 172  
1975 - Cessna 172  
1976 - Beech D50  
1976 - Piper PA-28  
1976 - Beech E-50  
1978 - KA-6 Navy Attack Bomber  
1978 - Aero Commander 680  
1978 - Ted Smith 601  
1978 - Cessna 172  
1978 - Piper PA-28  
1978 - Beech 65  
1978 - Piper PA-31  
1978 - Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902  
1978 - Piper PA-31  
1978 - Piper PA-23  
1978 - Caribbean Flight 912  
1979 - Beech A23A  
1979 - Beech E18s  
1979 - Piper PA-28R  
1979 - Cessna 150J  
1979 - Cessna 182  
1979 - Aero Commander 500  
1979 - Piper PA-23  
1979 - Beech D50b  
1979 - Piper PA-23  
1980-1989 At Sea Events
1980 - SS Poet, a 522' bulk cargo carrier left from a port in Philadelphia for Egypt. The next routine radio transmission reporting its position was expected 2 days after it left the port, but no signal was received. It was lost in the sea.
1980 - Lear Jet  
1980 - Erco 415-D  
1981 - Beech c35  
1982 - Piper PA-28R-201T  
1982 - Beech H35  
1982 - Piper PA-31  
1982 - Beech 65-B80  
1983 - Cessna T-210-J  
1983 - Cessna 340A  
1984 - Piper  
1984 - Cessna 402b  
1984 - Aeronca 7AC  
1985 - Cessna 337  
1985 - Cessna 210k  
1985 - Piper  
1985 - Cessna 172
1985 - Piper
1985 - Piper
1986 - Piper
1986 - Twin Otter
1987 - Cessna 402c
1987 - Cessna 401
1987 - Cessna 152
1988 - Beechcraft
1989 - Piper
1990-1999 At Sea Events
March 13, 1993, Charley's Crab - Restaurateur Charles Muer, his wife Betty and friends George and Lynn Drummey disappear between the Bahamas and Florida on the Muer's 40' ketch Charley's Crab in 30' seas with 70 mph winds in what is later referred to as the storm of the century. No trace of victims or wreckage was recovered.
March 1995 - Jamanic K, A motor vessel of 357 gross tons, lost in route from Cape Haitian to Miami.
October 14, 1996 - A 65' yacht missing thirty miles off Fort Pierce, Florida after issuing a quick distress call saying it was sinking and everyone on board was escaping on a life raft.
1999 - The cargo freighter Genesis sent a radio signal to a nearby vessel, indicating a problem with the bilge pump. Despite extensive searches by the Coast Guard, the ship and crew were never seen or heard from again.
April 23, 1999 - Genesis - A motor vessel of 196 gross tons that disappeared in route from Port of Spain, Trinidad to St. Vincent
April 15, 1999 - Miss Fernandina, 85-foot shrimp trawler off Flagler Beach, FL. last signaled: net caught in propellor, electrical drain, listing. 4 Lost.
1991 - Grumman Cougar
1993 - Cessna 152
1994 - Piper PA-23  
1994 - Piper PA-28  
1996 - Aero Commander  
1998 - Piper PA-28  
1999 - Aero Commander  
2000-2010 At Sea Events
June 18, 2003 - A newly married couple, Frank and Romina Leone went for fishing on their brand new 16' boat. They left from the Boynton beach inlet in Florida but never returned. The US Coast Guard eventually gave up the search & rescue operation after having combed a large part of the sea area for several days.
October-November, 2003 - A fishing boat with the tragically ironic name of What's Left was found capsized on a beach near Cape Canaveral. In an article published by, human remains found on the boat were believed to be one of the missing boaters: Gary Lisk, 61, Neil Eddleman, 47 and son, Neil Allen Eddleman, 13, who left on October 17 for a day fishing trip. The wreckage washed up 527 miles away from where the trio had launched at Gordon Pass. How the boat ended up where it was found baffled authorities, who could only speculate that the boat may have been caught in the Atlantic Gulf Stream, a slow moving current that travels up the eastern U.S. coast.
March 23, 2004 - A 19' fishing boat owned by 40 year old fishing enthusiast Glen Jamison left Hudson, Florida around 4:00 a.m. Sunday, and was scheduled to return that night. The boat was discovered 32 miles west of Egmont Key, Florida, but Jamison was missing. According to the St. Petersburg Times, although Jamison loved to fish he could not swim at all. When the boat was found, the engine was tilted up with fishing line wrapped around the propeller. A nearby knife led family members and authorities to the conclusion that Jamison had been trying to cut the fishing line off of the propeller when he fell overboard.
2010-Present Aircraft Events 2010-Present At Sea Events
  2015 On October 1, 2015, the cargo ship SS El Faro became another tragic victim of Bermuda Triangle, the worst in over 30 years. The 790' container ship departed Jacksonville, Florida bound for Peurto Rico with 33 crew members on board, carrying large number of containers, trailers and vehicles. A tropical storm hundreds of miles away, developed into fierce hurricane, dashed down towards El Faro, and started circling around the ship. Soon all communications from the ship went silent. And quite unbelievably and having created havoc on the sea, the hurricane went back out almost the same way it came from. After extensive search for weeks, the ship could be finally located sitting upright in one piece at a depth of about 15,000' in the Atlantic, but there was no trace of any crew members.

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