Bakezori is a creature from Japanese folklore. It is a straw zori sandal which has been transformed into a tsukumogami, a yokai, spirit creature, which was once an ordinary household item. It runs through the house and chants: Kararin, Kororin, Kankororin.

In a house where footwear is treated improperly, this old zori sandal comes to life at night and emerges from the storeroom where it has been discarded. As it runs through the house, it can be heard chanting: Kkararin, Kkororin, Kankororin.

Eyes three, Eyes three and teeth two. Perhaps it says this in honor of its kin the geta sandal, which does indeed make such sounds and does have three eyes, the holes drilled for its straps, and two teeth, the wooden platforms on its base.

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