B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Date: 1970s

Location: Vietnam

Yet another interesting UFO story in Vietnam revolves around a crashed B-52 bomber.

The paper trail for this story is vague, but it remains a common tale in UFO circles.

The incident is a part of Project Grudge, a US Air Force investigation of UFO sightings which supposedly ended in 1951. But UFO researchers believe that it was still operating in Vietnam.

In the 1970s, Green Beret Captain William English was assigned to Laos to investigate a downed B-52 bomber. The aircraft was lost under mysterious circumstances, and the USAF was eager to retrieve evidence from it.

Captain English successfully found the airplane, which seemed in unusually good shape. The only damage on the bomber was normal damage expected from a crash landing. When English opened the hatch, he found all the crew still strapped in their seats but horribly disfigured and mutilated. There was no other damage in the cockpit.

English collected samples and turned the bodies in for autopsy. But after the incident, the Laos government deported him. Whether or not this story is true, it is an interesting tale from the end of the Vietnam War.

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