The Arbyrd/Senath Light

The Arbyrd/Senath Light
The Arbyrd/Senath Light
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Date: Unknown

Location: Arbyrd/Senath MO

It is said that there is a particularly bright light that has been known to not only appear, but disable cars temporarily. It's called either the Arbyrd or Senath Light for the nearby towns. Heading east on CR-602 from CR-643, about a quarter to a half mile down the road there will be a tree stump, which was once known as Hangmans Tree. If you turn your car around and face back west, you will see the light. Some report that you have to turn your car lights on and off and the light will appear. People have reported the light approaching the vehicle and causing it to shut off when it touches it. Folklore says that a house used to occupy the general area and either the husband or daughter went missing and the light is the lantern of the wife or mother out looking for them. The location actually lies between 3 towns Arbyrd, Senath & Hornersville on an old gravel road near the community known as Hollywood.

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