Amys Reptilian Encounter...Subsequent Rape

Amys Reptilian Encounter...Subsequent Rape

Amys Reptilian Encounter...Subsequent Rape

Amy, a northwest Pacific girl is only 17, and her life has been full of some very strange events. This aroused her interest in alien contact and to try to do some reading about such strange matters.

She had encounters with strange beings. She said her angel had wings and his face was human like and he looked like a Nordic type alien. She wondered if an angel and a Nordic were the same thing?

Amy also wanted to know if an angel stayed with a person in spirit form for days even after the altered state of mind was over. The angel had told her some wonderful things and even that she was going to have a baby.

Amy was in a highly euphoric state, but was cautioned that she needed to be careful as there are huge alien liars out there and some that are really bad.

A drastic change was coming for kind, innocent Amy.

The angel came back and started pretending like he was just there to hang out with me. Then I fell asleep for 15 minutes unexpectedly in mid conversation with him.

I wake up feeling nauseous and there is white stuff all over my underwear you know where. The lying thing tells me I fell asleep and he had to have sex with me.

He played it off great so then an hour later we were chatting and playing and his reptilian shield thing comes off and after that the gig was pretty much up but he still tried to play it off when I said to him:

Uh huh, you are an evil Reptilian.

He acted all offended at this accusation. Then he slipped and told me the information about my going to have a baby was untrue.

I accused him again of being evil, and he just goes: Yeah, and laughs out loud and brags how he raped me twice and his friends watched the second time.

After I was in his power I'm so worried about what is in my vagina. I'm in a shock, denial state and having suicidal thoughts and he is still following me around and trying to take control of my hands and throwing things around.

I'm very sick, disoriented, nauseous, headache, blurry vision. I feel like part of him is still in me. When we had sex he literally went into my body and we were one. My hands keep moving without me telling them to. I can't even think.

Should I go to a doctor? I don't want to die. I can't cope, can't let myself believe this is reality. They really are evil and went through all that pretense just to make it seem legitimate. The deceit was the thrill not the violence. Now I have firsthand understanding why the Indians called them: Trickster Gods.

The nasty reptile caused me to want to have sex with him. What kind of illness could I get from what he has done? I can't go to a doctor and have my mother find out. I can't tell anyone.

Amy's terrible ordeal continues.

He is standing here shrugging his shoulders and saying:

Maybe you are going to die, Things like that.

The energy form that tricked me into having sex with him continues to follow me. At night time I saw him pretty vividly. I saw his reptile form now that he did not try to disguise himself.

They are very tall, muscular on top, kind of small average sized heads, a little different shaped than humans, eyes shaped like a human's but I think they are red and yellow colored, very long pointed fingers. He looked like a reptile, like a human lizard, alligator skin, snake like face and features. A mix of them all.

He turned into a ball of blue white energy. I am embarrassed to say they are very seductive and have this mind control. I was in bed and I knew he wanted sex so I just didn't even try to resist. I just thought he is much more powerful than me so I might as well give him what he wants.

He was very pleased and agreed to shape into the angelic form he tricked me with. I actually watched him shapeshift. It was incredible. They contort their bodies into whatever form they want in a matter of seconds.

He altered my mind. Um oh my...He began not with sex but other things. I am being honest at this point. I was pretty much begging him to keep going...they are very seductive. We got into it for a while. It did not seem weird or scary because the feeling of ecstasy overpowers all emotions. Intense pleasurable feelings you know. Made quite a mess.

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