Listing of Abductions: Defined as an action or an instance of forcibly taking a person or persons away against their will.

5 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young Man

A70 Abductions

Abductee Involved in UFO Crash

Abducted by Aliens: Twins Tell Their Stories

Abducted in Lehi

Abduction in Germany of Pregnant Woman

Abduction in North Wales

Abduction in Waco

Abduction of Air Force Sergeant Moody

Abduction Of Jason Andrews

Abduction of Joyce Updike

Abduction Of Myrna Hansen

Abduction On North Canol Road

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Allagash Abductions

Amy Rylance Abduction

An Examination Abduction

Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Aveley Abduction

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

Betty Andreasson Encounter

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Bonnie Jean Hamilton Abduction

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Brown Mountain Unsolved Disappearances

Buff Ledge Abduction

California Abduction

Carl Higdon Abduction

Carl Moore Abduction

Christa Tilton Abduction

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

Cullen Abduction

Darlington Farm Case

Denise M. Stoner Abduction

Dionisio Llanca Abduction

Doraty Abduction

Early Alien Encounter, Near Abduction

Father of Many Alien Hybrids

Family Abducted

Fly Me To...

Gabriella Versacci's Abduction & Encounter

Gerry Irwin Alien Abduction

Green Cove Springs Abduction

Herb Schirmer Abduction

Incident at Fort Benning GA

Infant Abduction

Interview with the Aliens

Jane Murphys Alien Abduction and Seduction

Jose Antonio Da Silva Abduction

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction

Lisa Tenney Abductions

Lynda Jones Abduction in Didsbury

Mating the Woman from Venus

Melinda's Abduction

Meng Zhaoguo Abduction

Michele's Abduction

Military Maneuver Abduction

Multiple Abductions Of Mr. Wladyslaw

Mystery Over the Highway

Peter Khoury Abduction

Robert Matthews Abduction and Missing Time

Phillip H. Krapf's Abduction by the The Verdants

Robert Taylor Abduction

Shane Kurz Abduction

Sibling Abduction

Stanford UFO Abductions

Stephenville Abduction Story

Texas Abduction

Tom Dawson Abduction

Travis Walton Abduction

Tujunga Canyon Abductions

Unusual Abduction of Airman and His Family

Westchester Abductions

Woman from Venus

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12

Zanfretta Alien Abductions

Zigmund Adamski

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